This Is What Boris Should Deliver In A National Address:

We have tried in good faith to negotiate. We have offered free trade. We have been polite and courteous even under extreme provocation. We have offered solutions to issues. Under the last Prime Minister we let you draft the deal, and you jointly created an agreement that would have placed us in the role of powerless colony forever. Whilst we rejected that, we did so yet again with extraordinary courtesy and self restraint, hoping for serious, rational proposals that allow continued trade without the complete submission you always demand.

You have not negotiated in good faith. You have disgracefully tried to acquire Northern Ireland by stealth, insisting on a border issue that doesn’t exist. That tactic dangles the threat of terrorism as emotional blackmail. You have exploited the delicate and troubled history of Ireland, and the continued belligerence towards Britain some Irish leaders feel, in order to make a land grab, and you have deliberately threatened the integrity of the United Kingdom. These would be outrageous actions even between established rivals in peacetime, and at many points in history would constitute acts of war. You have similarly hinted at allowing or facilitating Spanish seizure of Gibraltar, against the wishes of the residents there.

On multiple occasions you have gone out of your way to threaten, demean, or insult our nation and it’s representatives. You have discarded all normal diplomatic protocols and openly mocked our nation and it’s people. You have laughed about turning us into a colony, threatened us with international isolation, sought to bully and abuse us at every turn. You have kept our Prime Minister waiting in corridors or refused entry to meetings, all the while demanding continued huge payments from us that prop up your entire edifice.

Recently your contravention of all normal diplomacy and respect between nations has reached new heights. You have conducted meetings with traitorous members of our Parliament, who have briefed you on the best ways to defeat our interests. You have encouraged political agitators and internal dissidents, and provided support and encouragement to a faction refusing to accept a democratic vote. You have attended party political conferences and campaigned for a specific party during elections in this nation, an outrageous interference in our domestic affairs.

We have been very patient, but our patience is at an end. We are a strong and significant nation, and have been for many centuries, indeed for far longer than many other EU nations have even existed. No self respecting nation can tolerate such behaviour or consider those showing such disrespect towards us to be our friends and allies. You are very, very close to making us a determined enemy. We wish for peaceful trade but will never sacrifice our people or our pride in order to obtain it. There are many other nations in the world with whom we can trade, an entire globe that is not encouraging the break up of our nation or its complete political submission. Nations like Australia and New Zealand and the United States who have been true friends and allies. You could learn from their example. If you do not, the shift of our entire economy will be away from you and towards them. You will lose your greatest export market because you were too rude, too arrogant and too full of historical bitterness to treat with us fairly in a dignified manner.