Long Odds and Short Memories

I’ve been minded a lot lately, while following the Brexit coverage, of the story of Gideon. For those of you who don’t know it, Gideon was a regular Israelite minding his own business, hiding out in a wine press lest he be harrassed by the Midianites, when an angel came to him, hailed him as a mighty warrior and told him to go and defeat the Midianite army.
To say he was dubious is an understatement, but to cut a long story short, by the time he set off on the mission he was REALLY sceptical of victory, because God would only let him take 300 warriors against the might of the whole Midianite army. Nonetheless, through the deft deployment of guerilla warfare tactics and, of course, with God on his side, Gideon’s little band of brothers were successful in driving out the entirety of the oppressive forces, and peace reigned in Israel once more.

The moral of the story? God likes long odds (they prove He exists!).

Shortly before the Brexit vote I read an article which said that the referendum was on more than simply the matter of EU membership; it was a choice being set by God: did the people of England want to stay faithful to Him, or were they throwing their lot in with the idolaters? The article stated that if the people voted for Brexit, God in turn would back them, but if we voted to remain, God would let us go to the wall.

The fact that the people of Britain voted to leave is in itself a minor miracle. We had the whole might of world empires telling us that we should trust them and stay within the EU, and yet the humble yet stubborn English (and Welsh) – Kipling’s Saxon Man – chose instead to follow their own council and vote for freedom. We made, in effect, a corporate decision to honour God’s promise to honour those who honour his laws of justice and righteousness. I don’t believe he will let us down by allowing the EU to swallow us up regardless. He just really really really REALLY likes long odds – and if, by some miracle, we do extricate ourselves on the 31st, I hope people take note of what that means in metaphysical terms.