All Must Submit to NewSpeak

The language used is always revealing. We are told that the UK has requested an extension and the EU is likely to grant it.

Firstly the UK has done nothing of the sort. I haven’t requested an extension. Have you? Has anyone you know? Parliament has requested an extension. Nobody else. The PM wouldn’t sign the letter. This is solely the work of a Remain Parliament. And yet we hear nothing about how this totally contradicts the duty of Parliament to represent the wishes of the People. The media still pretend that this Rotten Parliament acts on our behalf.

Secondly the EU will ‘grant’ an extension. Exactly as a monarch grants a boon to a sycophantic courtier. The relationship is clear. We bring gifts, they give a tight lipped smile. We beg, they rule. We crawl, they strut. We bow, they sneer. We submit, they demand. Three and a half years after deciding to leave, we are still shuffling inch by inch backwards on the floor, like some terrified minion in the court of Ming the Merciless. Every inch back results in two inches forwards, as Remainer’s insist we kiss the boot once more.