Helpful Suggestions From a Concerned Citizen, Regarding the BBC Licence Fee

Here is a selection of articles prominently featured on the BBC website today:

  • There aren’t many women of colour in the police.
  • I’m a Muslim artist inspired by the female body.
  • Transgender people treated inhumanly online.
  • Drag brought us closer to our immigrant families.
  • The official Drag Race podcast.

So if you happen to be a black Muslim transgender drag act from an immigrant family who wants to join the police, you can be reassured that the licence fee payments of all those non black Muslim transgender drag acts who don’t want to join the police are working very hard to properly reflect and represent you. I don’t know about you, but I can almost, almost sense the faintest hint of an agenda at work.

But surely not, with the world’s most respected impartial and objective broadcasting service? One of the funniest things about the Beeb is the way they are all so convinced that they are objective and horrified and outraged when anyone suggests otherwise. It’s rather like a guy in latex bondage wear being whipped in a suburban dungeon complaining when his fetish is described as submissive.

Breaking up the BBC and ending the public funding of a dishonest propaganda outlet that acts only as the voice of metropolitan liberals is the vital first step in dealing with the power of the media. If they want propaganda, they must pay for it themselves. It might also be a good idea to have a system of classification like you get on films. Instead of Parental Guidance we could have a ‘PC’ stamp so that everyone knows that outlet will talk utter sh*t all day long.