Is This To Be Our Fate?

So the EU graciously agrees to keep taking our money for three more months going into a fourth year since we voted to Leave and were told by all sides that we were leaving the EU. Both my children have been born in that time. My sister in law has got married. Four f*cking years and more to come even if Grotesque Surrender Deal 2 passes, which pays £39 billion and concedes most of what Brexit is just for the EU to KEEP TAKING MORE.

So what exactly has happened in these interminable years of ‘negotiation’? We have lost any right to call ourselves a democracy. We have seen 17.4 million people disenfranchised. We have seen them told that they are not people and that they do not have rights and that their votes are not real votes that have to be acted on. We have seen a level of corruption we thought confined to previous centuries and to other countries, those with the worst records of dictatorship and tyranny. We have reached a point where people elected for parties they no longer represent by voters they have deliberately betrayed hold the balance of power in a crooked Parliament that refuses to face a general election. A Parliament that is fighting tooth and nail against one of the biggest democratic exercises in our history.

We have seen the law corrupted until it can never be trusted again. We have seen the courts interfere in political affairs that are none of their business and not legally or morally within their jurisdiction. We have seen judges boast about taking a political stance in a corrupt manner and publicly celebrate their partisan interference in the democratic process. We have seen insane fanatics march through our streets demanding that democracy be reversed and that their countrymen and women must be ruled from abroad against their will. We have seen hysterical prophecies of doom and ludicrous predictions of apocalypse continually and relentlessly shared by a media and political class seized by a collective Europhile delusion.

And now we stagger on, no longer a democracy, no longer a meaningful nation, no longer citizens with a say. A vast grumbling herd whipped and cajoled and beaten towards the death of freedom, all moaning and no fighting, betrayed, broken, beaten, but still too obedient and complacent to really resist. They see us as cattle, and treat us the same.