BBC gift-wraps Palestinian propaganda for kids

David Collier has a nicely seasonally themed example of BBC propaganda over on his blog – this one aimed at children no less.

According to the BBC’s Newsround, three of the world’s “best” Christmas trees are to be found in the Palestinian territories. Who knew Hamas and the PA were such enthusiastic supporters of Christmas cheer?

Screenshot of the BBC article ‘ Christmas trees from around the world’, published Dec 16, 2019.

The BBC has picked trees in Gaza, Ramallah and Bethlehem as globally outstanding examples of the Christian festive spirit, ranking them alongside trees in New York, Prague and Russia. Happy Gazans are pictured celebrating the lighting of their tree, which we’re told was accompanied by a celebratory dance.

But of course the whole thing is a sham. The BBC are doing Hamas’ propaganda work for them. In reality Christians in Gaza and the West Bank face extreme persecution from their Islamist neighbours. Churches have been burned and Christians attacked by gunmen.

Bethlehem was 85% Christian in 1948. By 1967 that figure had dropped to 46%. Today it stands at around 12% – but that figure is high for the Palestinian territories, where overall Christians make up just 2% of the population.

Last year, Dexter Van Zile, Christian Media Analyst for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), in the Middle East at large, told Breaking Israel News that Christians are the “low cost, no-cost target of genocidal violence and hostility.”

The only reason the Christian population is higher in Bethlehem, he said, is because “the Palestinian Authority knows that it simply cannot allow Christians to be harassed in the Bethlehem Area (or in the entire West Bank) the way they are elsewhere in the Middle East.”

At Christmas, the Christians in Bethlehem “are deployed by the Palestinian Authority every Christmas to portray Israel as behaving like Rome in the New Testament,” Van Zile added.

That the Palestinian Authorities would use the Christians as a club to beat Israel is hardly surprising. The real question is: why is the BBC playing along? And perhaps more importantly, why are they targeting children with this clear propaganda effort?

Back to David Collier:

“I think it is clear that whoever wrote it did not start without the ‘Palestinian’ trees already in the hand – and those trees gave them the idea for the piece. In other words, it was deliberately written as a propaganda piece – and probably wouldn’t have been written if it had no pro-Palestinian value. You don’t go looking for Christmas trees around the world and accidentally find 43% of them in Gaza, Ramallah and Bethlehem. The world is too big for that.”

It is the cleverest type of disinformation, because the person who complains looks like a troublemaker and at times even heartless. It is finely-tuned devastating propaganda. When it is Propaganda directed towards children there is justifiable reason to be angry. The image that this presents to the world is entirely false. It is fake news.  Put together by an anti-Israel propagandist. This stuff brainwashes children.

It is rare that such a raw example is found. Someone is responsible for this. It is no good just updating or removing the page. We can’t just delete and move on. There is evidence that a propagandist used the BBC to deliberately promote their own agenda.

More trees have been added to the list since David write his blog, but the point still stands. Not only did a propagandist use the BBC to promote an agenda, but the BBC allowed it. To think that this article simply slipped by the editors unnoticed is naive, especially given the fact that the BBC has form on pushing PA propaganda lines – this isn’t even a first outing for Newsround, which has previously published articles telling children that following the Holocaust Jews were given Arab lands against the will of the locals.

The British electorate has only just roundly seen off a Labour Party backed by Hamas. But had young people aged 18-24 been the only ones given a vote, every seat in England would have returned a Labour MP. So far it looks like the BBC is doing sterling work of indoctrinating our children.