The BBC Can Be Relied Upon For One Thing: Hubris

The BBC Director General has announced that people still trust the broadcaster. After all, it gets criticism from both the Left and Right so that must prove that it’s neutral and doing its job fairly and impartially.

This is such a wonderful argument. It’s true in the same way that Soviet Russia received criticism from both Nazis and democratic nations so clearly Soviet Russia was a model of decorum, impartiality and good sense. Or if Jeffrey Dahmer was disliked by both his victims and other serial killers he must have been the incredibly rare, cuddly and decent kind of torture sex killer cannibal.

In a way though I do trust the Beeb. I trust them to always get it wrong. I trust them to push an agenda. I trust them to accurately represent the narrow, moronic, complacent and smug views of the metropolitan liberal elite. Like C4 with less swearing and maybe a tad fewer radical lesbians.

It’s interesting to see that Aunty Beeb has responded exactly the same way as the Labour Party. Hardly surprising given the cross contamination involved. Both have carefully analysed the election in order to find that they did nothing wrong. Both have concluded that the problem lies with the thick public just not understanding how wonderful they are. They are the pearls, and we are the swine.

Somehow I don’t think they will be growing more popular anytime soon.