The victims of the Islamo-fascist regime are real, and already among us

Those of us who know that the West is being colonised by a Communist / Islamic totalitarian alliance joke on regularly about going to Facebook jail and how we’ll be carted off to the gulags soon. But we have jobs, families, lives and good food on our plates.

The reality is that we are not the victims of Soros and Zuckerberg. But there are victims. Thousands of them. Survivors of the rape gangs, survivors of Islamic fascism, survivors of the churches’ gay paedophilia crisis, survivors of feminism.

When you package it up as ‘1400 girls from Rotherham’ they become a number, but every one of those victims is a real, living person. Over the last few years I’ve met some of them, and let me tell you, they’re not stupid chav oafs.

Those I’ve met have been, without fail, very bright, very lively, very funny and often good looking young people – exactly the sort totalitarian regimes hate.

In another, better world they too would have had good jobs and loving families, and made worthwhile contributions to a strong, lively, free society.

Instead they go for days without sleep to avoid the nightmares and the terror, they self medicate with all sorts of questionable substances, and sometimes they overdose. Sometimes it’s not accidental.

To say that ‘lives are being destroyed’ is to put it mildly. To say that it’s sad, or tragic is to underplay the sheer global scale of the utter misery being wrought.

It’s not ok. None of this is ok.