The impeachment process offers some important lessons

What we learn from the US impeachment process is that Democrats think it is perfectly legal to conduct endless witch hunts costing tens of millions of dollars. It is perfectly legal to invent sexual slurs against a political opponent. It is perfectly legal to wiretap a rival Presidential candidate. It is perfectly legal to place your picked and paid for henchmen in senior positions in the intelligence services, and for them to inexplicably accrue fortunes far in excess of their official salaries whilst they conduct investigations into your political rivals.

It is also perfectly legal to pay a foreign spy to create a fake dossier alleging that your President is a Manchurian Candidate based on zero real evidence. It is perfectly legal to see one impeachment process fail on complete lack of evidence, not apologise for the millions of words of defamation, slander and libel this has created particular from the media lackeys you control, and immediately try to find another baseless accusation to hang your desperate attempts to reverse democracy on.

During all this it is also perfectly legal to publicly fantasise about killing, beheading, blowing up or torturing your President and even his children. What apparently is not legal is for a sitting President to notice that billions of dollars of money has been funnelled from a foreign nation to the son of a senior Democrat politician, and to ask if that is due to corruption.

This is what happens when the increasingly insane Left control institutions. Whether it’s our Parliament, our Supreme Court or their Congress or their FBI, remember that every rule of conduct there is means absolutely nothing to leftists. We are always in danger of their tyranny, regardless of election results, when their power is so entrenched and so immoral.