The End is Nigh

It is difficult to know whether to celebrate or get extremely anxious.

On the one hand it’s great to see a rare example of sense intruding on the leftist circle jerk of Question Time. I’ve only seen this through clips as the thought of going through a whole episode has for years struck me as akin to swallowing a bottle of someone else’s sick. But the bits I’ve seen make it clear that Laurence Fox has a brain and is not afraid to use it.

Laurence Fox could be the new Rachel Riley I’m absolutely loving the fact that he not only spoke the truth, but isn’t backing down from it despite the Twitter Tsunami. Posting the Martin Luther King quote, and his handling of the responses, was genius.

This is exactly the way to deal with the Woke. Mock them, laugh at them, confront them head on with just how retarded, divisive, stupid and worthless their worldview is. His exasperation was perfect. These Woke views are so patently false that even debating them without a sneer gives them undue credit. They must be challenged every time they are expressed, and not one jot of the lunacy accepted. When we all do that and their idiocies shrivel away from the light of reason, the world will be better for every race in it.

This whole event should be celebrated. The exceptional spectacle of an actor with a brain should be paraded around the country for everyone to see, as astonishing to the public of the 21st century as the presentation of a talking pig or a counting horse would be to medieval peasants. I’d buy a ticket.

But at the same time we all know that a British actor talking anything even approaching common sense is one of the first signs of the apocalypse. It’s right between trees weeping blood and Spurs winning something. Worrying times.