Fuck racism

“How dare a white male tell a black woman what racism is.”

If ever one sentence could encapsulate the paucity of thought, the titanic levels of hypocrisy, the self regard, the lack of empathy, the contempt for others, the ignorance, the stupidity, the lack of logic, the unreasonableness, the divisiveness, the entitlement and the pure condensed evil of an entire worldview it is that sentence.

The sentence that tells you that you are not allowed to speak because of the colour of your skin. The sentence that tells you that you can be judged negatively because you happen to be possessed of male genitalia. The sentence that embodies a sick inverted pyramid of status, where every past injustice, if it existed, is afflicted anew on other victims and this is labelled ‘progress’.

It makes no attempt to address the content of any statement. Only the identity of the person making that statement matters. Only matters of birth over which the individual has no control matter. Think of the astonishing arrogance of such a worldview and the absurdity of it. Think of the lack of self knowledge it represents, when those stating it think themselves opponents of sexism and racism whilst they embody and spread them.

F*ck that. F*ck that and everyone who thinks like that. We all have the right to speak, on every topic there is. We all have the same right to exist and to thrive. My son is not less than my daughter, and neither are less than children with a different colour. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a c*nt.