Britain isn’t racist, her detractors are.

In Britain and much of the western world the vast majority of people are not racist. This will include people who have told or laughed at jokes based on race. These same people will have never done anything to harm another race, and would be revolted to see racial abuse in front of them, instinctively siding with the victim. This has in fact be true in Britain for many generations. It is a historical fact that US servicemen during WWII were shocked by the British disregard for race and willingness to mingle freely with black or other non White soldiers. It is also a historical fact that the Empire which is now routinely characterised as exclusively evil and racist was enthusiastically supported, entirely willingly, by generations of non white and non British people, so much so that many of them fought and died for it.

Britain has also seen a level of mass immigration and demographic change unprecedented in history, both ours and that of other places. Other nations that have undergone this level of change have either been conquered or subject to rapid colonisation. Even then such a dramatic level of change is actually almost unknown until modern times. With very rare exceptions there has been no violent response to this, even though entire communities have been radically altered. Despite constant vilification of the British themselves and hideous consequences from some sources of immigration, polling continues to show that the British are one of the least racist populations on the planet and that the most popular policy regarding immigration is one of a fair and sensible level that distinguishes by skills and practical considerations rather than race.

Despite these facts we find that the British and particularly the English are now routinely subject to demonisation and racism towards them. They are told that they are ignorant and backwards. They are told that their votes should be ignored. They are barred from employment opportunities on the basis of their race and skin colour. They are told that they are privileged even if they are poor, or the minority where they live, or even homeless.

They are told that any respect for their own history or ancestors is evil. Their great heroes are either ignored or vilified, and lessons are taught focused solely on the crimes of their past rather than the achievements. TV shows of all kinds, from soap operas to historical dramas to documentaries, tell them that they are racially guilty, with the clear implication that they are morally inferior to other races. Whilst they remain over 80% of the general populace, any realistic instance of them constituting a majority in a given field, occupation or awards category is subject to disgust and horror, as if their mere continued presence in numbers is a great evil. They are surrounded by advertising that pretends that they already no longer exist, and that this is a very good thing deserving of celebration and joy.

Every single day, apparently on every single topic, they are now lectured by a professional class of well rewarded race baiters. People like Afua Hirsch make a living,and a very comfortable living, from doing nothing but insult the British people and the very society within which they have become rich and successful. The British, being such terrible racists, continue to mildly complain about this without in any way impacting the lucrative benefits to be found as a consequence of such a career.