All Hail the Duke and Duchess of Woke

The Duke and Duchess of Woke have announced the name of their new charitable foundation.

It will be called Her American Majesty’s Altruistic Society, or Hamas for short.

It will concentrate on various Woke causes, such as:

  • Female empowerment through genital mutilation.
  • Getting little boys to twerk and wear makeup.
  • Overcoming racism by denigrating white people.
  • Migrant lending schemes where a mobile library of migrants visits affluent nations.
  • Tax free loans for misunderstood terrorists.
  • A Hollywood Carbon Initiative where notorious rapists offset their sins through tree planting ceremonies.
  • Ridiculously overpriced jars of Sussex brand hummus.
  • Free machetes to South Africa as part of a Climate Change Direct Action Protest.
  • A campaign to get somebody to watch Suits all the way through.

Ginger Woke (who is also Posh Woke) further announced that The Woke Girls will be reforming and playing a series of gigs at the O2 next Autumn.