England expects every man to indulge in schadenfreude

It’s interesting that those worrying that the celebrations on the 31st will be triumphalist were completely unconcerned at ‘Boll’cks to Brexit,’ ‘You’re too thick to know what you were voting for,’ ‘Let’s ignore normal democracy and Parliamentary procedure,’ and three and half years of relentless insult, smear and chicanery to reverse the democratic decision that preceded these supposedly offensive celebrations.

I actually think we have a moral duty now to be as smug as humanly possible. We should remind Remainers every second we can that they lost, that they deserved to lose, and that democracy must be honoured whether they f*cking like it or not. Only this will act as an appropriate counterbalance to the extraordinary arrogance and entitlement they have shown through the whole Brexit saga, and remind them that they are not the masters of the universe they assume they should be.