The Huawei deal is monumentally stupid

You have to wonder exactly why the government insists on letting China have the capacity to easily spy on us or disrupt our communications network. [Do you? Two words: ‘deep state’ – ed.]

The so called defensive measures of limiting them to non-secure sites are idiotic. If they are present throughout the rest of the network these measures are pitiful and unlikely to make any difference.

And we’ve yet again unnecessarily insulted the US by ignoring their advice. Any saving on initial cost is totally wiped out by making a US trade deal more difficult and making our communications and national security less secure.

Why are our leaders always, always so f’cking stupid with no election ever securing people in power with the capacity to think? It would take any reasonable person about three seconds to realise that giving this access to a company that is a front for the Chinese State is about as sensible as placing your testicles in a wood chipper.