The Democrats’ frenzied hatred of Trump proves he’s America’s version of Brexit

So the impeachment farce ends. Since 2016 the Democrats have used and abused every power at their disposal to try to reverse Trump’s election. Let’s list it, and see how bad it is.

They have used voter fraud and opposed voter ID. They have marched non citizens and the dead into polling booths.

They have used crooked placemen with mysterious fortunes in the FBI and the intelligence services. They have bugged and wiretapped and spied on their political opponents.

They have released their media attack dogs to smear and lie and devote tens of thousands of hours of coverage to baseless slurs and false allegations.

They have paid foreign spies for dodgy dossiers of fictitious sexual slanders. They have prevented Trump’s team or Republicans from cross examining witnesses. They have launched a rape smear hate campaign against a Supreme Court nominee with an impeccable record. They have lied to witnesses that testimony was off the record before prosecuting them for that testimony.

They have talked of civil insurrection. They have repeatedly insulted and mocked their own President at what should be solemn moments of public ceremony. They have stirred up hysterical hatred, hypocritical race baiting, and near psychotic levels of malice and bias.

They have not once acknowledged any of the achievements of the administration on the economy, on employment figures, and in foreign policy successes. Instead they have eagerly anticipated an apocalypse that has never come.

They have not only stirred up a frenzy of hatred towards the President, but towards anyone who has worked for him, defended him, or even been polite to him. They have demonised and abused the millions of voters who voted for him, and corrupted countless branches of government and official institutions with their completely partisan agenda.

If any of this sounds familiar to Brexiteers who have experienced the last four years in the UK, that’s because it should. It’s the same entrenched power, with the same determined and malevolent cause.