The left’s Bias by Omission is laid bare

Rumours that Lil’ Kim (rapper and North Korean dictator) has died made me consider the fact that I can’t recall a single article from the likes of the Guardian or the Indie, Vice or Buzzfeed criticising him.

Nothing he said or did, including starving millions and having people torn apart by wild dogs (yes, like a real life Ramsay Bolton) prompted Vice etc to ever question his sanity, intelligence or fitness to rule. And this is actually the case for all the regimes in recent times that have been actively barbaric.

I suppose they might have criticised Islamic State for transphobia, or something similar, but added lots of stuff about how this is not ‘real Islam’ (which is a philosophy of universal love which makes everyone cuddle strangers, obviously).

Contrast this general absence of disdain for dictatorships and terrorists with the intense loathing directed at a legitimately elected US President. It really is quite astonishing when you think about it, but it’s so vastly unjust and unhinged that nobody really notices it.

It is like a mountain range of prejudice. People in the foothills are used to the spectacular view and think it’s normal. It’s when the mountain isn’t there (an objective view stretching to the horizon with no peaks and troughs of bias) that people are startled.

“Hey this isn’t right, where’s my mountain?”