Men: It’s Time For You To Reclaim Masculinity

I got a picture sent to me this morning of an article regarding men paying to go to feminism camp to so they can learn to cope with their “toxic masculinity”.

Masculinity is not toxic.

Without the masculine element and psyche in the home, in society, in governance, everything falls apart, it becomes an emotion-driven circus of chaos.

We have evolved to be two halves of the same whole. The Yin and the Yang. The masculine and feminine. Both must exist in equal balance in harmony with each side using their masculine and feminine talents and perspectives to create a world of order and harmony. One should not dominate the other.

One should not be regarded as good and the other as bad. Yet masculinity is demonised and under constant attack.

Men: you live in a world where the masculine is usually presumed the aggressor, when this aggression is in actual fact directed towards you.

You have to worry about how you sit, what you say, how you say it (especially to women), you worry if saying hello, opening a door or paying a compliment is going to have you accused of harassment. Even where to look is a problem as looking at a woman can be classed as aggressive. They have you living in fear every day of somehow inadvertently upsetting a woman, yet they have somehow convinced you that you’re the aggressor?

Feminists want to tell you that your masculinity equals greed, violence, sexual abuse. I would argue that real masculinity comes with a sense of wishing to protect and provide. That is as much natural instinct in men as being maternal is for women.

If there was more masculinity in Britain I doubt the mass targeted rape of their women and children would be happening. I doubt rape and paedophilia would be rife, there would be less sexual violence as a result of masculinity, yet the feminists have convinced everybody that the opposite is true.

Again the cultural Marxist tactics of broadening the definition or bastardising of a word to change its perception and be able to to use it as a weapon have been very effective in this regard. With the word masculinity, they have worked very hard to make it synonymous with homophobia, violence, sexism, domestic abuse, greed, bullying, harassment, lack of empathy.

When not so ago before the “great Marxist brainwashing project,” as I think I will call it, these negative traits they are trying to attribute to masculinity were not considered masculine at all. They were considered the actions of a man who is not yet a man, and other males would look at him with contempt.

True masculinity comes with using your strength to protect to weak, not to bully or abuse the weak, most real men will agree to that. Masculinity uses logical reason rather than nonsensical emotion to drive your decision making leading to better overall outcomes, it comes with an air of stoicism but with also being able to be caring and compassionate which was a balance that the masculine does so naturally.

I think it’s time you reclaimed your masculinity starting with the word itself, by removing the negative connotations aggressive feminism has assigned to it.

I would like to see much more real and proud true masculinity on display in our society. A revival of western masculinity built on chivalry, honour, respect, order, traditional morality and logical reasoning could be the antidote to many of societies growing problems in my opinion.