Over the last few days a video has been circulating on social media. It pops up for a few moments then disappears again. Pops up, and disappears.

The video has been labelled ‘outrageous,’ ‘dangerous,’ ‘extreme,’ the sort of language used for clips of terrorist atrocities or incitement to violence.

Yet click the link, and if it still works you’ll witness nothing more than a mild mannered lady in perhaps her 50s or 60s, sitting, talking, openly and without fear.

We like to pretend we live in a free country, but ladies and gentlemen, when talking freely and without fear is considered dangerous and extreme, we do not.

This morning, DecliningToFall uploaded a copy of the video to YouTube. Within half an hour it was gone, wiped out by the YouTube censors for violating community standards.

YouTube began as a company dedicated to the free distribution of materials. Anyone could upload anything they wanted and showcase to the world their thoughts, actions, aspirations and cute pet cats.

The cute cats are still allowed.

But YouTube, like the other tech giants, are no longer the enablers of human flourishing. Instead they have become our judges, jailers, and prison guards of the prisons they are attempting to construct within our minds.

When free thought becomes dangerous, society becomes dangerous. That is why Declining to Fall is today launching FREE THE PRESS – an offline circular dedicated to true freedom of thought and expression.

Each Friday we will be emailing out a PDF, double sided A4 news sheet, for free thinkers to print off at home and circulate however they see fit. You may wish to hand it to similarly minded family and friends, or leave a number at a local cafe or library for people to find.

Why printed? Because the internet censors can’t delete a sheet of paper from your hand. Google and their spyware can’t read what’s printed in ink.

The idea is inspired by the dissidents of Soviet Russia who printed similarly free-thinking materials for underground distribution, known as samizdat. The publications served two purposes: the spread of ideas, and allowing people to know that they were not alone in doubting the propaganda put out by mainstream channels.

Back then, the Soviet dissidents ran great risks in distributing the material. As Vladimir Bukovsky once said: “Samizdat: I write it myself, edit it myself, censor it myself, publish it myself, distribute it myself, and spend time in prison for it myself.”

We are not at that stage yet, but all it will take to get there soon is for you to do nothing. Be part of the fight back. Sign up to FREE THE PRESS today.

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** An uncensored version of the video mentioned, ‘Plandemic: Part 1’ can be seen on the documentary maker’s website: