I’m Going To Say It: Ordaining Women Was A Mistake

Photo: tyler hendy / Pexels

As is the way with social media, a post popped up on my feed this morning of an article a few months old, but it’s worth discussing nonetheless because it speaks to a much larger trend.

Lifesite News reported back in November that someone called the very Rev. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale is now the President of the National Abortion Federation (NAF).

“It has been a great privilege to lead this organization for the last year and work alongside the incredible and dedicated NAF Board, staff and membership,” Ragsdale said in a statement. “Abortion providers are some of my personal heroes and modern-day saints.”

Holy fucking cow, love. Talk about desecrating the very foundational ideas of the Bible. The whole point of the Christian faith is that, as humans are made by God, we are all to be accorded respect and dignity. Yes, even the unborn ones.

Life is a miracle. Each one of us was hand crafted by the ineffable force behind the universe, whatever name you want to give it. You would have thought a vicar – someone who has pledged to serve that life force – would recognise that at least.

But no. Once again we see the hijacking of Christianity to push an atheist-liberal agenda. We see the willful attempt to confuse and mislead the faithful.

And I daresay, this process seems to have been sent into hyperdrive since women vicars became ‘a thing.’

Like the LGBT lobby, the feminist front within the church has been used to break up the foundation stones upon which the religion, and our society as a Judeo-Christian civilisation, are been built upon.

Using the Wormwood language of good intentions and high morals to ramrod their liberal agenda forward, each concession by the traditionalists to these harridans has proved never to be the last.

And so what started as equality for women has now morphed into female vicars jumping the queue for Bishoprics and into the House of Lords, and if we’re going to be equal to women, ought not we treat the LGBT lot fairly too? Shouldn’t they be allowed to marry? Shouldn’t they be allowed to marry in church? After all, it’s no coincidence that Ragsdale belongs to the Episcopalians, who were at the forefront of the push for gay marriage in churches.

So yes, why not have a female vicar head up a pro-abortion group with known ties to Planned Parenthood? In this upside-down right-is-wrong world they have created for us, it makes perfect sense.