When Good People Are Driven Underground…

YouTube has really been getting into its role as ringmaster for the digital Säuberung lately, declaring any content which touches upon the issue of the coronavirus in a manner not entirely in line with the World Health Organisation’s pronouncements on the issue to be verboten.

In the last few days a strange game of cat and mouse has been occurring on social media: a 30 minute segment of a forthcoming documentary, Plandemic, was released onto YouTube only to be promptly removed. Subsequent uploads were removed faster and faster – indeed, when Declining To Fall uploaded the file to YouTube it was down again in under 30 minutes.

The segment contains an interview with Dr Judy Mikovits, an established research scientist in the field of virology with a specialism in HIV/AIDS who some time ago published a paper asserting that the use of animal and human foetal tissue in the field was creating hybrid diseases and causing pandemics, rather than curing them. As a result, she says, she was targeted by Pharmaceutical companies who are more concerned with large profits than with effective treatments.

Interest in the video has been high, partly because of its high production value, partly because what Mikovits has to say is interesting, but mostly because the vigour with which YouTube is purging it has made it illicit.

Consequently, the Free Marketeers in particular among you will receive a warm glow of satisfaction to discover that the market has indeed Found A Way to get around YouTube’s book burning behaviour: it’s called altCensored.

The website describes itself thusly:

YouTube limits access to videos that are neither illegal, nor violate their own Terms and Conditions or Community Guidelines.

“Limited state” videos are placed behind a warning message, cannot be shared, monetized or easily found, and have likes, comments, view counts and suggested videos disabled.

altCensored.com is an unbiased community catalog of 40542 such videos, including those removed by YouTube or self-censored. Of 5550 monitored channels, 729 have been deleted and 1596 are being archived in case of deletion.

Email new channels to admin@altCensored.com.

The site has clearly, therefore, been running for quite some time but has, I suspect, so far slipped under most people’s radars (including mine) because much of the content is confined to the outer realms of dissidence and conspiracy theory: Tommy Robinson and David Icke feature heavily.

But the latest video to be uploaded is Plandemic. You can watch it by clicking here.

Whether one believes the current coronavirus pandemic has been unleashed by the Deep State Cabal or not is neither here nor there. By forcing the video on to sites alongside David Icke and Tommy Robinson, YouTube are playing a very dangerous game.

In trying to shut down free thought, they may find that they merely radicalise people instead – although, given the Marxist’s love of chaos to bring down civilisations, perhaps that’s the plan.