The Key Divide Between Left & Right Is Within Us All

I’ve just had the thought that a key difference between the Left and Right is that the Left value public commitment to lies (virtue signalling) whilst the Right value public commitment to truth, no matter how unpleasant (I’ll say what I please and fuck you).

There is a difference in sincerity, I think. The worst people on the Right genuinely believe their ideas and live them fully. The worst people on the Left insist that others obey their ideas but are quite happy not to live by them personally. This is why the Right can be wrong, or evil at its extremes, but is rarely hypocritical. Even the best of the Left are frequently hypocritical because the outwardly projected beliefs that must rule society aren’t inwardly adhered to and no guilt is felt by that contradiction. Virtue is projection, not action.

There is no contradiction for example between Trump’s inner life and his projected beliefs. He gets into trouble for brutal honesty or clumsy verbalising of the inner life. Contrast that with an Obama, whose inner life is utterly obscure and whose every act was the expression of an established contemporary liberal virtue. Or with a Biden, whose groping and fondling (the inner life accidentally revealed) contrasts so strongly with the professed beliefs (I am an elderly male feminist).

Real virtue of course always begins in self reflection and action upon your own weaknesses before it addresses the world. It is an interior process also called morality or conscience. It governs your actions, not those of others. Every ideology in history that is evil has prioritised the outer life over the interior life, or told people to command the behaviour of others before they can command their own basest urges and desires.

In religion, rather than Right v. Left it is seen in the difference between Buddhism (control of the inner life) and Islam (control of the outer life). Christianity has had both elements.