Life in the Age of the Propagandists

Photo: Miguel Á. Padriñán / Pexels

The propagandists are sectarians, clinging to their beliefs like a frightened dying man clings to life. They come from everywhere. You will find them in every town, every age, race, sex, religion and in every class of society. 

Each individual propagandist is not necessarily related to the next, in fact, they can often stand diametrically opposed to each other. But although their beliefs may differ, they all share the same traits, the main one being, they all tend to ignore any piece of information from a reliable source that undermines their core belief. It doesn’t matter whether their subject is Jews, homeopathy, Brexit or even COVID-19. The behaviour, I have discovered, is always the same.

Let’s start with the antisemites: the oldest sect of propagandists whose love affair with tropes is now legendary worldwide. Collectively, these propagandists have so much hate-filled misinformation to gleefully pour over, collected over so many years, some of it so ridiculous it would be laughable if we didn’t already know where it could lead. 

But there is one trope which is a particular favourite amongst this type of propagandist, it’s the one that involves the bank of Rothschild, originally, a Jewish concern, and one that these propagandists believe was responsible for the funding of IG Farben – the German chemical and pharmaceutical company – during WWII. IG Farben was put on trial in Nuremburg, after the war, for manufacturing Zyklon B gas and for performing sadistic Nazi experiments on captive Jews. In the eyes of these propagandists, this is the type of thing that a Jewish banker would do, especially one that is part of an ‘illuminati’  that runs the world. 

Whereas, in reality, it was the Rockefeller bank, owners of Standard Oil, which funded the Nazis during WW2. But tell that to a propagandist and he/she won’t hear you. They will just continue to let you know that Jews are evil, they drink the blood of babies, control the weather, and desire only money. In their eyes, why let inconvenient facts interfere with the oldest hatred in the world?

And then, there is another sect. A very different group of propagandists, who believe that homeopaths are quacks and science has proven that homeopathy doesn’t work. Tell these propagandists that their assertion is simply not true, send them links to positive studies and they will tell you that those studies all have major flaws. It’s totally impossible for such heavily diluted materials to have an affect on a living being, they say. Well, the Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier, Gerald Pollack Phd., Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and Dr.Vladimir Voeikov, Dr. Bernd Kröplin, Dr. Elmar C. Fuchs and many other scientists disagree.

The proof came for me when my eleven year old son was cured of serious pathology after allopathic medicine precipitated a rapid and extremely worrying decline in his health. I have no doubt my son owes his life to homeopathy, but I am informed by these propagandists that the homeopathic cure was only a placebo. 

In other words, even if a homeopath studies hard for three years to gain their licentiate, takes a detailed case history for each patient and carefully discerns which remedy matches the subjective symptoms and then deliberates over potency and dosage, their prescription will be always be a sham. And when homeopathic treatment works for an animal or a baby that doesn’t know they’re being treated, according to the propagandists, it works through the positivity of someone else, the owner, or the mother, like some kind of faith healing or religion. 

For these propagandists – despite an immense number of cures having been documented by homeopaths, all around the world, for three hundred years now, including during the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu pandemic – homeopathy still has no validity, unless you believe in it.  

Which is a shame because homeopathy is a safe and effective alternative system of medicine with its own strict laws and principles, and more importantly, no side effects. It speaks for itself, something this particular brand of propagandists, to their own detriment, will not consider.

And so to the Remainers, those propagandists who tried to claim through the courts that ditching the will of the people was a democratic act. But do we really have to go there? Isn’t everybody over that? The Covid propagandists are more recent, anyway. More current. A few of them have tried to inform me recently that anyone who doesn’t download the government’s new tracking app is pathetic, a Nazi sympathiser and must be a follower of the conspiracy theorist David Icke – which in itself is a conspiracy theory.

If, instead, those particular propagandists would have listened, they would have learnt that the dissenters are not anarchic, blood thirsty, individuals but quite simply just people who do their own research and think for themselves. People who have questioned the government’s intention of spying on them 24/7, and have some inkling of what could possibly go wrong with that.  

My personal concern is Bill Gates. He has sponsored Chris Whitty to the tune of $43 million dollars. He has also partnered Patrick Vallance in a project when the latter was president of Glaxo Smith Kline. Matt Hancock has pictures of himself with Bill Gates all over his Facebook page. Bill Gates is currently the largest financial contributor to WHO now that the US has pulled out. He has even made financial contributions to the BBC. 

Bill Gates loves vaccines, hence the government’s new slogan, ‘We won’t get back to normal until we have a vaccine’, despite the fact that all the world’s citizens went about quite normally during – and for years after – outbreaks of SARS, MERS Ebola and Avian flu, without a vaccine.

But the Swine Flu vaccine caused narcolepsy and death. Bill Gates endeavours in Africa and Asia sometimes turned into disasters. He has been quoted as saying, ‘“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care & reproductive health services, we could LOWER that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” 

Putting aside, the economic suicide that waiting for a vaccine would cause, plus the risks involved with implementing one, not to mention the human deprivations for those who live alone, the lack of education currently received by state school children, do we really want this man to be so influential to the people that govern over us?

And so back to the propagandists, the ones that are out there right now, acting like mind-police, blaming dissenters for being heartless and causing deaths whilst they feel superior in their limited knowledge and their strong sense of self-righteousness.  

They insult and they bully but most have been indoctrinated and are pushing someone else’s agenda. They fear what they have been taught to fear and hate those who are not afraid. Many independent thinkers have tried in vain to talk to them, to educate, but they insistently remain slaves to misconception.