‘Hate Speech’ is How the Establishment Protects Its Own

In the UK, Labour Party activists and supporters have circulated images online showing Boris Johnson and leading Tories as demonic figures drenched in blood, with blood on their hands and in their mouths as if they had been feasting on human flesh. The message that Boris and co. are not human and represent everything evil could not have been more brutally or clearly expressed.

In the US a Democratic Party supporting filmmaker has paid to have a ‘Trump Death Clock’ prominently displayed in Times Square, claiming that tens of thousands of deaths from coronavirus are directly attributable to Donald Trump. Again the message is brutally direct: Donald Trump is a murderer.

In both nations a vast array of laws have evolved that supposedly protect everyone from outright lies, slander, and smear, or so called ‘hate speech’. A huge number of lawyers make a very generous living from these laws, and governments, corporations and institutions all have tens of thousands of pages of guidance regarding them. We are all urged to be minutely attuned to the sensitive feelings of others, no matter how irrational those feelings may be. People are regularly sacked for breaching these rules.

But of course these rules are not designed to prevent Soviet-style propaganda. They are not designed to stop grotesque lies and the most revolting politically motivated campaigns of pure hatred from the Left or the mainstream media. None of these people would designate ‘Boris Johnson’ or ‘Donald Trump’ as a ‘vulnerable group.’ No, these laws are aimed at the ordinary citizen expressing the slightest mistrust of mass immigration, multiculturalism, globalism, crime rates or particular crimes dominated by ethnic groups, or Islam.

These laws are not a shield for all. They are another hammer by which to smash dissent. Being consumed with seething hatred of Boris or Donald, of all Republicans or all Conservatives, is not dissent. It is the encouraged view. It is what you are supposed to think. So no image, no lie, no slander triggers our achingly sensitive laws on what may or may not be said if the hatred is aimed in this direction. If the hatred is aimed at YOU.

Nothing gives a more chilling example of the manner in which all modern ‘liberal’ standards are founded on hypocrisy than the contrast of demon paintings and death clocks with the invention of ‘hate speech’ laws. The slightest whisper of offence in one direction meets a tangled web of obstruction. You cannot move. You cannot breathe. You cannot speak. Your limbs are wrapped in a red weed of bureaucracy. But aim your hate in another direction. The way is open. The path is clear. Nothing obstructs you. You may race to the very furthest limits of expression. You may say and do anything. Your hate is free to roam and play.