The Media Tyrants Must Be Obeyed

Photo: Chris Mallepalle / FreeImages

We do not live in a democracy under a two party system. We live in a Media Tyranny where most politicians in every party obey their media masters.

Once you realise that none of it is about reporting the news or sharing facts or even giving analysis it makes much more sense. It is about publicly giving instructions that the government and everyone else must follow. It is your daily briefing on what you should think and are allowed to think. Most politicians are absolutely terrified of defying any media instruction because they know they will be ripped apart.

Look at how they question Trump. These aren’t people looking for answers. These are people demanding that he bow down to Their Answer. These aren’t inquiring citizens. They are outraged masters. No Baron with a large private army was ever so contemptuous of a weak or disliked monarch as a two bit CNN hack is of the President of the United States. No corrupt priest of the Middle Ages was ever so removed from the peasantry and their concerns. They are The Man and you’d better remember it.

This is why there are always useful patsies in the same party as a leader the media want to get rid of, ready to come forward and speak against them. This is why there are Tories condemning Cummings and there were Republicans who condemned Flynn. These are the politicians who are most afraid, the cowed, the broken, the owned.

Accept that the media are lying bastards. Most of us have been at that point for years, so that’s no revelation. But follow everything that they want and you see a consistent pattern. They want weak leaders in the West. They want open borders. They want an all powerful State. They want reckless spending with no limits. They want mass immigration. They want the State to be able to lock you indoors at will. They want China to replace the US as the superpower on the block. They want higher crime levels. They want populations with no national feeling or loyalty. They want sordid sexual values and widespread depravity and brainless forms of entertainment for a people with no history, no culture and no pride to tell them to resist it all. Because those broken communities, atomised, isolated, at war with each other on ethnic lines, concerned only with possessions or getting laid, are easier to control and exploit.

It’s not the actor who has the real power. Its not the politician. It’s the directors and the producers. The ones holding the camera. The enemy in charge of the lens. The Media.

Cummings of course knows this, in the same way Trump does. That’s why a fairly bland transgression of the rules the Media demanded is treated as a scandal of epic proportions. If Cummings showed the media the respect that they insist is their due, if he smoothly conveyed their demands to the ears of Johnson, he could start a global plague and it would never be mentioned. Obey the media and you can hand children over to perverts with no condemnation. Defy them and even looking after your own child becomes a scandal.

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