America and The West Are Deeply Racist

Matheus Viana / Pexels

America is deeply racist.

Every year, thousands of innocent people of one skin colour are assaulted or attacked by people of another skin colour. The media are so racist that they have stopped commenting on these frequent assaults.

Every year, academic scholarships are offered to people of only one skin colour. All other races are deliberately excluded and denied an educational opportunity.

Every year, entrance requirements to university are lowered for one race, giving them an unfair advantage in acquiring an education. Entrance requirements are deliberately made harder for one other race, denying thousands of them the opportunity to go to university.

Every year, students are required to learn race-hate theories which deliberately concentrate on the past crimes of just one race, telling them that they possess ancestral guilt or are inherently wicked because of the colour of their skin.

Every year, hundreds of academic essays centre on this race-hate theory, together with textbooks and other material designed solely to emphasise the supposedly inherent flaws of one race. Universities have codes of conduct requiring the teaching of these race-hate theories, and universities are legally obliged to provide them.

Every year, on every campus segregated spaces are set aside, with one race not allowed to enter.

Every year, a significant portion of popular entertainment, comedy and advertising focuses on the inherent evils and alleged worthlessness of one particular race. Laws exist that prevent any similar ‘entertainment’ about any other race.

Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of government contracts are set aside exclusively for companies owned, operated and staffed by people of a specific skin colour, with people of another skin colour being legally barred from tendering for these contracts.

Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars of federal cash is set aside specifically on racial grounds, towards the betterment and improvement of just one race.

Every year, companies are allowed – and in some cases required – to offer jobs on racial grounds, deliberately excluding applications from people of one specific skin colour.

Every year, quotas are set by which the presence of one particular skin colour is designated as a problem and efforts are made to reduce their representation in particular posts and occupations.

Every year, thousands of professional bodies representing only one skin colour operate in a broad range of industries, representing the interests of that racial group. Only one race has none of these race-based organisations representing their interests. It is illegal for that race to have such exclusive organisations but not for any other race to do so.

Every year, thousands of articles appear in the print media centred on race-hate theories explaining why one race is exceptionally wicked and worthless. Such articles about any other race will not be published.

Every year, tens of thousands of hours of footage is filmed and aired in which race-hate theories are shared explaining why one race is exceptionally wicked and worthless. Similar presentations about other races are illegal.

Racism towards one skin colour is now so ingrained and accepted that people can forge entire careers in the media, in entertainment, and in academia based solely on repeating race-hate theories and ancestral slanders about that race and its inherent worthlessness.

Yes, America is racist. This racism is now flourishing all over the western world, where it is not only not subject to censure or rebuke but is officially condoned, legally enshrined and assumed to be noble and necessary by people of all skin colours. Social status in polite society can be predicated on accepting and sharing this racism to various degrees, and this applies in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the whole of Western Europe.

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