The Media is Fuelling A Coup

If they get their way and Trump goes, in a similar fashion to how Nixon was driven from office but with far less legitimate cause, be in no doubt: that result would be the death of democracy in the most powerful nation in the West, orchestrated and led by the most corrupt, self serving and hypocritically racist, vicious, and oppressive media-celebrity political class in history.

It will be a Deep State coup to stop their own crimes being exposed, and it will have used racial hate and the long nurtured victim entitlement of the worst sections of the black community as useful patsies and disposable shock troops, burning black neighbourhoods down as they go.

We saw our democracy almost break when deeply entrenched and thoroughly ruthless elites tried to reverse Brexit. We now see a sustained attempt to illegally topple a serving, legitimately elected US President, and we see our media doing everything they possibly can to make that happen. We see this spread quite deliberately to other nations, a virus of hate and hypocrisy carried on every news report.

The normal political functioning of western society has not been so challenged and so under threat since the 1930s, and the very people doing that are the ones most likely to call others fascists or pretend that any populist leader or voter is Adolf Hitler.

In all of this there is not a single flame, or a single crime, that the media have not enthusiastically fuelled, encouraged and praised.