Beware the Rise of the Screeching Pod People

The 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers has one of the most chilling scenes in science fiction. A female protagonist realises, to her horror that a friend, mentor, and resistor of the alien invasion is now one of the aliens and that she may be one of the very few, if not the only, human being left.

We are of course living through this scene, those of us who have not become Woke yet. Every day another person we thought of as a friend, or as rational, or as interesting, gives the autistic screech of the pod people, pointing us out for destruction and removal.

As they point and screech we realise that the characteristics that make us human have been replaced. We are no longer human to them and they are no longer human to us — because Wokeness cannot tolerate the only difference that really matters, differences of thought, and feeling, of experience, knowledge and sympathy. Wokeness requires absolute uniformity, in the name of celebrating shallow physical diversities.

You can be black or white, crippled or whole, rich or poor, but you cannot be yourself, think for yourself, or reach your own conclusions. Like all totalitarian systems, fashionable contemporary thinking is the antithesis of real thought, which is always unique to the individual and a reflection of their uniqueness. Even if I express ideas that began two-and-a-half thousand years ago, I do it in my own particular way. I may have drawn the clay from the same riverbed as my ancestors drew theirs, but I shaped it with my own hands, my own consideration. Wokeness does not do that. It is the same clay, shaped by the same hand, in the same way, every single time. It is a factory line of ideas that are pitifully weak when exposed to the harsh light of logic, but viciously fecund when fed in the shadows of raw emotion.

A screeching pod person, of course, who has sacrificed their humanity to the totality of the Woke belief system, is unaware that they have become a vessel stripped of individuality, that they repeat the same unwholesome thoughts in the same unimaginative way as every other pod person. This lack of self awareness and absolute unthinking uniformity was of course referenced by the NPC meme, an insult whose truthfulness only resulted in longer and louder screeching.

I think it’s probably futile to try to get through to them, to convert them or persuade them or apply logical reasoning in sustained debate. These tactics, whilst they are from a better time and signify a better way, are now redundant. Try pointing out the inherent hypocrisies of Woke thinking, for example of basing so much of it on hatred of one race whilst proclaiming racism the greatest evil there is. No matter how clearly these hypocrisies are exposed, the pod person does not reject the tropes and false truisms they have been taught. They simply screech louder. Polite resistance is futile.

I think it is only by driving them out entirely, out from every great institution, from every academic post, from every position of authority, that we can slowly move back towards a shared humanity and more polite rules of discourse. At the moment it is like trying to reason with a rabid dog. Yes, by doing so we will be acting as they act. But until their views are acknowledged as fundamentally inhumane, any weaker reaction simply advances their cause.

At some point every one of us will screech the same things with the same unthinking reflex, because to do anything else results in immediate attack. In opposing this as fiercely as we can, we are defending humanity and the capacity to reason, which quite seriously might disappear even if uncounted billions of us still populate the world.