The Next CHAZ Will Be in Londonistan

As far as I’ve seen our media haven’t even mentioned that violent Black Lives Matter gangs have gone to full armed rebellion and declared urban areas under their control, separate to the rest of the US. They are barring access to all police and emergency services. In Seattle, they have set up armed barricades and managed to run out of food in two days.

Can you imagine the reaction if the KKK had seized control of a neighbourhood and were lording it over everyone there, all whilst armed and all whilst declaring themselves separate to the rest of the US? That would get some fucking media attention, wouldn’t it?

I mean, this is open insurrection now. Outright treason. Areas ruled by armed gangs following a racist agenda. And over here in the UK? Not the slightest suggestion that this might be wrong or any realisation that if it can happen in the US it can happen here. After all, we’ve followed all the rest of it. We have Black Lives Matter. We have race riots. We have black politicians who are routine race-baiters and who profit from the chaos. We have statues pulled down. We have Antifa. We have universities teaching people to hate this country and all its history. We have the grotesque race-hate theory of white privilege. Our football has been infected with Black Lives Matter slogans and gestures that repudiate our nation.

How long is it before some shit-hole urban block of twenty or thirty streets in Bradford, Birmingham, London, or elsewhere throws up a few barricades and calls itself a separate republic? One where drug-gang members rule and the police aren’t allowed to go?

Or maybe that’s the secret, cunning, Baldric style plan of our authorities? To be so fucking useless, so supine, so accommodating to these violent, racist arseholes that they never need to break away? I mean, our police do what the gangs tell them to do anyway. London is already a separate city under Mayor Khan, well on its way to being Mogadishu with money. We won’t see that final step here because it’s unnecessary. They have already won without it.

If it does happen, though, you can be sure of one thing. The media will tell us it was “largely peaceful”.