How YOU (Yes, You) Can Save the West

Photo: Abel Tan Jun Yang / Pexels

It is, by now, painfully clear that a Marxist revolution is taking place across the West. The hows and whys of this event are a matter for another article.

For now, I want to focus minds on what, practically, can be done. Firstly, it is critical to understand two things: 1. The governments and state systems are complicit, which means that no politician or police chief will be racing to the rescue any time soon. The only world leader who doesn’t appear to support the takeover is Donald Trump, and while I admire him, it seems his powers are limited, given where America now is. 2. Our civilization was not built upon state power. The British Empire was forged when the state accounted for just two percent of the economy, and there was no income tax. America was explicitly founded upon the rejection of state control. Remembering this is our key weapon in the fight to survive.

Once we remember this, it becomes clear that the way to defeat the people now trying to end our way of life is to return to the fundamental Judeo-Christian principle of our civilization: celebration of the individual freely working in community with others.

Every one of us has a skill. Every one of us can offer the fruits of our labour in return for the fruits of others’ labour, in free trade and enterprise. And when we do that, when we build communities of like-minded individuals working in concert with one another, great things are achieved: empires built, free nations founded, communism overthrown.

So what does that look like in practice? Here are a few practical suggestions.

The first step is to talk to your neighbours. There was a time when towns and villages weren’t dormitories, but communities full of people who knew and helped each other. Communism atomizes people by turning everyone against each other. To counter it, we desperately need to return to the old model where people knew their neighbours and worked with them in mutual support. You will, of course, come across people who are fearful of the pandemic and the riots, and will therefore be angry about what you are trying to accomplish, but many more are, like you, seeing what is happening and wondering what can be done. They will be glad to speak to someone with positive, practical suggestions, so don’t be afraid.

Once you’ve done that, you can start, as a community, to disengage from the toxic state system that has en trapped us. Your main concerns will be food supply and security, so take care of those first.

Plant a fruit and vegetable garden in whatever space you have. Encourage others to do the same. While it’s useful for everyone to grow the basics (mostly onions and potatoes), it’s a good idea to decide among yourselves beforehand who will grow what, and trade as the crops come into season.

Organise a neighbourhood security patrol. Start to assess the neighbourhood for weak spots and figure out how it might be fortified.

Organise regular neighbourhood meetings discussing (peacefully) the latest local and national news and what it might mean for your community. At these meetings, inventory the skills that individuals in the community have and are willing to share.

Once the basics are covered you can move on to civilizing matters. organise private neighbourhood schools for the children in your community, to take their education out of the state system where they’re being indoctrinated.

Start holding church services again, in someone’s house if local authorities won’t allow the churches to re-open. Wherever two or more meet in His name, He is with us.

These are some basic ideas for starters. American Thinker has published its own list which are more about overturning the prevailing leftist cultural narrative, but are also well worth taking heed of – it includes “Become anti-fragile; speak the truth; never apologise and never quit.” Sage advice indeed.

I’d also recommend reading groups to educate yourselves on history and philosophy, so that you recognize Marxist thought when you see it.