Get Ready for the Great Reset

Photo: Castorly Stock / Pexels

People are starting to notice that the Black Lives Matter riots have something of a Marxist flavour to them. ‘Isn’t that strange?’ they’re asking one another. ‘Didn’t all that communism stuff go the way of the dodo in the 1980s?’

I’ll spare you the suspense: yes, we are living through a Marxist takeover of the West.

It’s actually not that strange at all. In fact, it’s quite straightforward. It just requires a little bit of mental realignment of history, and understanding that you weren’t given the full picture.

Common history states that in the 1800s, Marx wrote his treatise, gaining a widespread following, and that in the early 1900s, Communists decided to use his treatise to create a socialist utopia, primarily in Russia, but also in China. The Free West and the Communist regimes then battled for world domination though much of the mid-20th C, before finally being defeated in the 80s by a coalition of Reagan/Thatcher and their own internal inconsistencies. At that point, both Russia and China ‘saw the light’ and adopted more capitalistic practices.

What actually happened was that, as early as the 1920s and 30s, the communist powers understood that they couldn’t simply overthrow the West – but they didn’t give up on their ambitions for world communism. Instead, they went underground, infiltrating western society at all levels and sewing the seeds of communism. They entered the schools and universities, the media, and government at all levels and began to slowly unravel Western civilisation from within.

Britain was given a welfare state, the crowning glory of which is the NHS, as a way to hook the masses onto state dependency. And it worked – look at how people were told to stay at home in March ‘to protect the NHS’, and yet still stood on their doorsteps to cheer on healthcare workers. A health service is supposed to protect you, not the other way around, and yet people bought into it wholesale.

America, with her military strength, was used to shape world affairs, most notably in the Middle East where every moderate leader has been dug out, to be replaced with a crazed Islamist fanatic to keep us in a state of perpetual war, and to create the foot soldiers for an armed takeover.

Both countries (and indeed the West at large) have been overtaken by feminism and the sexual revolution, with sex becoming wholly divorced from the concept of ‘family,’ almost completely destroying the latter. The gay lobby also had a strong hand in this, normalising and mainstreaming what had always been mostly quietly tolerated at the fringe before.

The media has been cheering all of this on, shaming anyone who threw in a note of caution while championing those who want to destroy the West.

And it’s worked, hasn’t it? I was born in the early 1980s, so I remember the 80s and 90s. It was a world of order, of deference to those with credentials – the doctor, the teacher, the MP – of stability and of fortitude. All that has gone. The England I grew up in no longer exists, other than in the libraries and minds of England’s conservatives.

And so, they are now moving into the next phase: total dependence on the state the world over, and the union of all nations into one superpower – or better yet, two or three, endlessly at war with one another (hence the current demonisation of China and Iran)

The (dis)education system has already done it’s bit: the population is primed and stupid. No one has the critical thinking skills required to ask pertinent questions anymore.

With control of the government and media, the next step is easy: you engineer a virus, or you simply wait for one to come along (new viruses come along all the time). You hype it up in the media as a big killer by loudly broadcasting the daily death statistics – glossing over the fact that thousands of people already die daily, and that all sorts of diseases kill millions year in, year out. You tell people that they must stay at home or they’ll be killing granny. And in this way, you utterly destroy all vestiges of capitalism.

Now the stage is set for the ‘Great Reset.’ ‘Capitalism has failed us!’ you cry. ‘We were all so miserable before this pandemic came along, locked in our 9-5 jobs, working for the faceless corporation! Haven’t we been happier in our homes? Haven’t our family relations improved? Wouldn’t we love to keep this leisurely, quieter way of life forever?’

The banks, they will tell us, have been ruthlessly stealing from us for decades – ever since they were decoupled from the gold standard in fact. Money is now meaningless, rich bastards make it on speculation at your expense. And meanwhile, even before the pandemic, property had been growing more and more expensive, wages were stagnating, the bankers were getting filthy rich, and no one was doing a damned thing about it. It’s time for the working man to get his share. Rather than returning to that old system which worked for no one but the top 1%, they will say, we ought to begin afresh.

Global debt will be cancelled. They will return to the gold standard and everyone will be moved on to a Universal Basic Income. For the millions who have lost jobs or businesses to this ‘pandemic’, this will be a godsend. They were facing utter ruin and destitution, but the new system will promise them that never again will they need to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

And it won’t stop there. They will unveil new technologies, new wonders, new delights. We will fly to mars, we will colonize the moon. We will have microchips that can enhance our sight, our strength, our health. The paralyzed will be able to walk. The elderly will be made younger again. Life expectancy will rise, and we will all be able to spend our days being entertained in whatever way we please.

There will be some who will rebel, of course, who will tell people that a gilded cage is no less efficient at keeping a bird trapped than a plain one. Those people will disappear, and no one will know where they went. Others, Christians mostly because their scriptures openly speak of it, will warn that people have forgotten God. They will likely be publicly executed, to be made an example of.

But everyone will look the other way, because why would anyone want God or real freedom when we’ve already made ourselves a heaven, right here on earth?

Think I’m making this up? Watch this…

And then this…