The New York Times has completely lost the plot

The New York Times is possibly the most batshit crazy of all mainstream media.

These are the guys who hired a woman who repeatedly tweeted that white people were subhuman and should be forced to live underground. They didn’t hire her and then those tweets became evident. They hired her after those tweets were discussed in her interview. They said that the vetting process had included a review of her social media history, and defended her after giving her a position on their editorial board (Sarah Yeong, look it up).

They are now pressing the line that Nancy Pelosi disgracefully went with in public comments, in which Pelosi said that protestors were being kidnapped by secret police. She used a number of trigger phrases designed to suggest that Trump was Hitler. That’s the most powerful Democrat in the US. That’s the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Casual treasonous slander is of course a fairly mild act by modern leftist standards. These are people blithely unconcerned by a history of 100 million corpses and happy to endorse every murderous communist regime in history (most of which were actively seeking the defeat and conquest of the US and the death of US citizens).

But really it has got to the stage now where mainstream reporting requires a translation; their language, set alongside an older but less respected alternative – you know: the truth. The actual meaning of words, or the actual nature of events. Almost every line contains a shocking lie, if not several. Almost every line is designed to supplant a fake reality in favour of objectively verifiable events.

For example take the word ‘protestor.’ Whenever it is deployed we know that it doesn’t really refer to peaceful assembly to air a political point. It’s not a concerned citizen expressing constitutional rights. It’s the catch-all justification for rioters, looters, violent zealots and people determined to deny the political rights of anyone who thinks differently to them. We know it means hate filled lunatic throwing petrol bombs, or pulling down statues, or defecating in the street, or hitting someone else with a bicycle lock. We know it is used as a term of deferential respect towards the most anti-social spoiled rampaging shitheads in any given western nation. It’s not a word with a real meaning anymore. It’s a high five of congratulation from the side of politics that benefits from anarchy to the street level scum who create that anarchy.

And you will never ever catch a Pelosi in the US, or a Bercow in the UK, describing a political assembly of right wing citizens as ‘protestors’. They will always be ‘extremists’, even if their ‘extreme’ view is a purely sensible reaction to the violence of others along the lines of ‘don’t burn my house down’.

Similar translation is required for the majority of keywords in this article. Protestor means criminal, kidnapping means arresting, unmarked vehicle means, erm, vehicle, thugs means federal agents etc. Reporting on this basis, where every word means it’s opposite and where the evil are good and the good are evil, would make an innocent fable about the birth of the baby Jesus perhaps the most wicked act of infanticide in all literature.

Could anything be more absurd or sinister, when the attempt to restore law and order is described as the wicked crime, and the looting, rioting, insurrection, murder and mayhem that preceded it is described as progress or some kind of sanctified march of the angels?