Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

Photo by Wladislaw Peljuchno / Unsplash

We like to laugh now at 1950s nuclear-war-threat propaganda, or World War 2 pamphlets calling on us, in their cartoonish styles, to do our bit for the cause. Propaganda of yesteryear seems so very childish and transparent. Even today we look to places like North Korea, Russia and China, shaking our heads pityingly at the poor, information-starved, brain-washed masses.

This pandemic has been referred to by many as an information war – in the literal sense – and that seems to be well justified. War and propaganda have always been two sides of the same coin. Naively, we, the public, think that a situation occurs (such as a deadly virus emerging), world authorities tell us about it, and then a plan is put into place to respond. However it’s becoming disturbingly clear that the world actually works in a different way altogether.

If you’ve not already done your research on the Hegelian Dialectic, have a two minute Google and you’ll soon see clearly how things are really managed. The Powers That Be of world governments, banks, think tanks, corporations have a plan for the future of the world (of course they do, it would be negligent of them not to – wouldn’t it?). It’s called UN Agenda 21/30.

They have put two actions into play. First they present their plan in the open in an appealing way, using buzzwords and marketing tools (look up Sustainable Development Goals) . Then they create or use a crisis which the public will respond to by being shepherded quickly towards a pre-decided outcome. Often referred to as “Problem, Reaction, Solution” it’s another way of creating an “opportunity out of a crisis”.

Usually wars are fought for territory, but the material plane is so last millennium. In order to accept the tenets of Sustainable Development our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours must change. The virus, as a threat to everything we’ve ever known, has been deployed against the global public, with the aim of entrapping all of us in such a state of fea that we lose our critical thinking skills and simply acquiesce, without any rationality and no full understanding, to accept a pre-planned outcome that has been openly discussed for decades. It’s so convenient – just have a look at what the World Economic Forum are saying about the unprecedented opportunities this virus brings with it.

In the UK there are (at least) three bodies using applied psychology, working with the government, to bring about this change. SAGE (which you’ve no doubt heard of) BIT (which you probably haven’t) and The 77th Brigade (which you definitely should look into).

SAGE – the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies – directs government policy in times of crisis, advising on what the response should be in any given ‘problem’ scenario. Much of this advice is in the form of behavioural change from the public.

BIT – the Behavioural Insights Team – started life as a small government  operation within the Cameron-Clegg administration and has since been expanded and privatized. Unofficially called ‘The Nudge Unit’, it advises on how the desired behaviour changes, eg, staying home, wearing masks, social distancing etc, can be brought about.

Then the 77th Brigade, a UK military unit, specialising in psychological warfare, monitors how the actions are being received, bolsters the chosen media narratives, and attacks and discredits opposition information. Essentially the 77th is an extremely sophisticated Troll Army which combines psychological techniques such as gaslighting and projection with the media and tech know-how of the most cutting edge Soho digi-preneur.

An example of how these three might work together is as follows; Back in March, SAGE advised increasing adherence to social distancing. Then a Behavioural Insights team produced a report which stated “A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.”

It goes on: “The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.” The BIT team would then use this information to propose ways to help to implement (or nudge) behaviours to the desired outcome.

Finally the 77th would then be actively involved in planting articles and narratives to increase fear, shame dissenting voices and shut down opposing view-points.

BIT, SAGE and the 77th are being employed to drive us into fear-based compliance. If we’re not even aware that these entities exist, how can we protect ourselves against falling for their tactics of behavioural change and mind control? If the worldwide quarantine and global economic crash was a logical and real response to a new flu virus, why would governments need these agencies to manufacture our responses in support of their actions?

Now imagine for a moment, if you will, all this energy, money, will and action being put to the good… and you can clearly see how lost we’ve become. If we continue to follow these dog-whistle reaction calls, we are far more gullible than anyone at any time in human existence and the consequences will be untold.