Does Boris think he’s King Canute?

A YouGov poll has found that 64% of Brits don’t believe their government has a clear plan on how to handle the pandemic, including 45% of Tory voters.

It’s almost as thought people are starting to wake up to the fact that we humans are no match for nature itself. For the last 50 years or so we’ve heard dire warnings over the effect that humans supposedly have on the planet, how our activities will lead to the loss of all life on earth within just a few short years through flood and famine unless we drastically change our ways.

Yet a tiny microbe comes along and suddenly we’re at a loss. Nature, it seems, does what it does quite regardless of the knots we tie ourselves it trying to manage it.

This panic, this collective madness has proved one thing quite sufficiently: that when it comes to us, to our societies and our lives, we’re fully capable of causing damage on a global scale. We can kill each other in all sorts of ways, whether through war, poverty, or simple mass hysteria. And we might.

But whatever happens to us, the planet and nature will carry on just the same.