Wake up to 2021: Now the fun really begins.

Image by Katniss12 from Pixabay
Image by Katniss12 from Pixabay

We made it. 2020 is behind us, the vaccines are on their way, bring on a fresh start! A return to normality! Right?

For many, the New Year was a moment of relief. Finally this annus horribilis is behind us, let’s kick it into history where it belongs and hope 2021 will be better. Others think 2020 was crap, but 2021 will be worse. Not me though. Of course 2020 had its ups and downs, every year does. But ultimately, it was the year in which people began to wake up.

The truth is, Western society has been steadily failing for decades now. There has long been an underlying feeling of disaffection as people who did the right thing by working hard to provide for their families, pay off a mortgage and service taxes saw their standard of living erode steadily, while all the time the ‘haves’ seemed to have more, and better, and shinier. Proponents of capitalism have long been telling us how great our lives are because now we all have two cars and three TVs and a new phone every year, and fly Easyjet to Costa del Tacky for two weeks each July, but we’ve been noticing that those things don’t really seem to make up much for being a wage slave. And there’s nothing on the tv. And the cars are more expensive to run. And the phones break – or worse, they don’t, and we forget to talk to each other, we just get lost in our screens instead.

Modern life is soulless. Our much flaunted individualism is lonely. Our disconnect from nature leaves us feeling adrift in a world of grey.

All of these things were true long before 2020 came along. We were effectively enslaved long before any Great Reset was cooked up by the World Economic Forum, which plans to literally harvest our output for their gain. It was supposed to be the year in which they laid their carefully formulated trap for everyone to walk obsequiously into, but in laying it, they showed some of us their hand. And so instead it became the year in which we started to wake up.

I already knew that to be the case, but I hadn’t been quite aware of how effectively this had happened until i tweeted this morning. I don’t have many followers on Twitter (because it’s shit, isn’t it, like everything nowadays) so i forgot about it – until i casually took a look at twitter again this evening.

Here’s what I tweeted.

I recommend clicking on it and reading the replies. Dozens and dozens of people variously saying either ‘this was the year I woke up’ to ‘I woke up years ago and was wondering when everyone else would – or if they ever would.’ For the latter group in particular (me among them) this has been an amazing year. It has been the year in which we stopped shouting into the void and started to hear voices call back in response.

So what of 2021 then?

2021 is a different energy to 2020. Then, we were all asleep. You know there’s that moment when you first wake up when you’re between asleep and awake, and you sort of stretch a bit and take a few moments to come fully awake? That was 2020. God was being patient with us as we all one by one started to drift awake and stretch a bit and wonder where we were.

2021 is different. It’s the bit when, having stretched, you resolve to get out of bed and start your day. But you don’t launch straight into it. You don’t go directly from bed to work or school. You sit up, you get dressed, you wash and brush your teeth. Maybe have breakfast, or exercise, or pray. You prepare yourself for the day. This is 2021. It’s a year of preparation, when we all start to get to grips with this new reality and our duties within it, and it starts today.

Intriguingly I don’t appear to be the only one saying this:

In short, 2021 is going to be the year in which God asks you: now that you are awake, what are you going to do? It’s time to start thinking seriously about what your answer will be.