The Revolution Will Not be Televised

YouTube today deleted TalkRadio’s channel from their platform.

For those of you not familiar with TalkRadio, they are (according to them) the UK’s fastest growing radio station. They’ve gathered this audience primarily because they’re the only UK media outlet willing to question the British government’s Covid policy. Presumably, this is also why they were today shut down by YouTube, on which they broadcast their show live as well as hosting clips from their shows. YouTube has accused them of violating it’s community standards; it has previously said that it will delete any videos which go against the Covid orthodoxy.

A TalkRadio spokesperson has said: “We urgently await a detailed response from Google/Youtube about the nature of the breach that has led to our channel being removed from its platform. TalkRadio is an Ofcom licensed and regulated broadcaster and has robust editorial controls in place, taking care to balance debate. We regularly interrogate government data and we have controls in place, use verifiable sources and give space to a careful selection of voices and opinions.”

I didn’t want to write this blog. I’ve been flipping it over and back in my mind for a few weeks now, hoping that I would never have to get around to it. Even this evening I have been procrastinating madly rather than get on with it. But with this action, YouTube have made it clear that a media outlets which cling to their historic purpose of holding people to account will not be tolerated.

If you don’t have a free media, you don’t have a free country. It’s as simple as that. And the truth is: we haven’t had a free media for a very long time.

I don’t say that lightly. Up until about three weeks ago, I myself worked in the mainstream media. I’m not going to mention which publication because it’s not important – what I’m going to say applies to every single mainstream outlet across the so-called ‘free world’. Anything that doesn’t get routinely censored by social media and big tech falls under this category.

What passes for news nowadays is not news, it’s straight-up propaganda designed to shape your thoughts and opinions. If you think that a deadly pandemic is sweeping the globe, that’s because the media has lied to you. If you think that Donald Trump is a tyrant hell-bent on installing himself in the White House as a fascist dictator, that’s because the media has lied to you. If you think that the UN, or the World Bank, or the WHO, or any of these other pan-national institutions are working toward the betterment of society for mankind, that’s because the media has sold you a doozy.

What’s printed in papers or broadcast on TV news channels isn’t supposed to inform you. Quite the opposite – it’s designed to keep you uninformed; it’s carefully curated to keep you from ever finding out the truth. By presenting their propaganda as ‘news,’ they can fill your head with their nonsense while – added bonus – removing your curiosity.

Millions of people around the globe fancy themselves well informed and up to date because they read the news every day. Diligently, like the good, responsible citizens they are, they download apps to keep up with the breaking stories and opinions, congratulating themselves on being intelligent, conscientious, ‘in the know’. These people then have the temerity to lecture those of us who twigged to the game long ago about how small minded and ill-informed we are. Don’t we know people are dying?! The hospitals are overflowing! They must be because – ipso facto – the government have shut down the country!

My friend, if that is you, you know the square root of fuck all.

On November 7, 2020, I was sat in my office on an evening shift. It was a Saturday night, which are normally quieter so there were relatively few other staff around.

I’d already been feeling uncomfortable for some time. That itchy feeling within had first set in around March when my colleagues started panicking about this terrible virus sweeping the globe. The government had just shut the borders and were threatening a nationwide lock-down. Cardboard barriers were installed around the open plan office so that none of us could see each other, which made working together somewhat inconvenient.

I sighed and huffed. “All this for a cold!” I said. Some of my colleagues were horrified. How could I say such a thing?! Why would the government be shutting the borders for a cold?

“Because we keep writing scare stories on a killer virus!” I exclaimed. “As soon as we stop writing them the panic will subside, governments won’t feel the need to ‘do something’ and we can all get back to our lives!”

But we didn’t stop writing the scare stories. We assiduously and solemnly reported the number of deaths each day in a tone which suggested these figures were entirely out of the ordinary (they’re not). When the numbers of deaths dropped, we switched to the number of cases and no one noticed.

All that to say, by the time November 7th came around, I was already pretty disillusioned. Then CNN declared Biden the winner. Some of my colleagues started cheering and hollering in delight. I frowned and typed up the headline: “Biden declared winner of US election.” Another colleague, a young girl in her 20s who is new to the game – not everyone in the media is a fully paid up member of the cabal – came up behind me and quietly said “Projected.” I added that to the headline.

But it didn’t matter. By the next day company policy was already firmly in place: we were to refer to Biden as ‘President elect’ in every instance from that day on. It didn’t matter that the results were disputed. It didn’t matter that CNN, or any other outlet, doesn’t have the authority to declare the winner. It didn’t matter in the weeks to come that witnesses were coming forward in their droves to testify that the election had been rigged. As far as the media were concerned, Biden was the President elect and to say otherwise was heresy.

But it’s a lie. It’s not an opinion, it’s not a different reading of events, it’s not a biased view even. It’s a barefaced, straight up lie, Biden is not the President elect. And so I got out.

America is heading toward civil war. By now it’s almost inevitable. With governments continuing to pile on lockdown after lockdown, breaking small business and grinding their citizens into a state of despair, the rest of the West will soon also fall to chaos, attempted uprisings quashed by the state’s jackboots, violence and anarchy. Millions will suffer.

As I sat in my old office, playing out my notice period, I kept looking around at the portents of all these things and one phrase kept playing on a loop: We did this. The media did this. No one else. Not really.

Governments tend toward totalitarianism, that’s their way. Big businesses to will always naturally seek to acquire and hold a monopoly. When the two work together there’s but one force that can stop them: a free press.

Civilizations don’t implode when power corrupts. They implode when no one holds power to account. Our societies aren’t failing because of shady figures making plans in Davos. They’re imploding because no one in the media thought to go looking into what those shady characters were doing, and then report on it. Even worse then that – the media knew what the shady figures were doing and covered for it.

Just two brief examples that I know of.

I know editors who have written editorials calling for mandatory vaccination, but are afraid to get vaccinated themselves and don’t want their children vaccinated. Why? Because they’ve been talking to scientists who have told them that the vaccine may not be safe. It’s too new, too untested to really know. But they don’t report that, they just call for ever more draconian measures. Why?

I also know of a case in which a doctor who has developed a protocol for treating Covid with HQC, and has had a 100% success rate, was asked by an editor to write an article on his protocol, which he gladly did. The article was declared ‘wonderful’ by this editor. When a more senior editor got wind that it was going to run he ordered it to be spiked. Why?

Those who tend toward the shady cabal explanation for the state we’re currently in will say “cabal”. There is certainly some evidence for that. For my part, I think it’s nothing more than group-think. Peer pressure is a powerful force, even among adults, and who wants to be the outlier? But the result is the same. The media are not part of the problem, they are the problem.

Turn off, tune out. Suck ’em dry.