They hold you in contempt. You need to know that.

A still from Animal Farm, 1954.

I’ve been baffled as to why Israel and the UK have been the first to get the vaccine and are rolling it out pretty speedily (especially Israel) compared to other countries. Today, I was given the answer.

It seems former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, determined not to give current PM Benjamin Netanyahu any credit, let the cat out of the bag. ‘He didn’t acquire the Pfizer vaccine, they approached us!’ he said (I’m paraphrasing). It seems that Pfizer were attracted by Israel’s socialised healthcare because it means centralised records dating back decades, which in turn allows them to use the population as a giant controlled experiment.

According to Arutz Sheva, this is what Barak said:

“[D]on’t be confused. Netanyahu didn’t bring the vaccines, but Pfizer found the right place in the pilot, HMOs.

“There are health funds here that hold data 40 years back on all vaccinated people in my age group. Two-thirds of this age group are in the data. There’s no such thing anywhere in the world. It’s a huge asset to Pfizer, because it lets them show that when someone dies after being vaccinated – and people my age tend to die more often – he didn’t die because of the vaccine, but as a result of some background illness.

“These data are a treasure [trove], which is why Pfizer, with deliberate intent, brought the vaccines forward. Not because of Netanyahu’s talks with the CEO … Pfizer can show that they have taken an almost complete country, and vaccinated the entire risk layer. Anyone who dies later can be checked whether it had a connection to the vaccine or a background illness.”

Britain offers the same to Pfizer: one NHS means one medical file on each citizen, recording every contact you’ve ever had with any medical practitioner. In short, the people of Britain and Israel offer the perfect standardized sample for mass testing of an unknown substance.

Or to put it more bluntly, they’re using you as guinea pigs and don’t mind telling you so.

Meanwhile over in America, this happened today:

Watch again on CNN:

Then Perdue lost another 5,000 votes:

Perdue’s Republican colleague Kelly Loeffler also had some, er, “bad luck”:

Yep, they did it again. The Democrats, with the backing of the media, casually stole two more election races while half of America, not to mention the rest of the world, was watching!

Part of me is somewhat astonished that they’re quite so brazen about it — that’s the part of me who’s a decent, honest human being, and who would be deeply ashamed to be caught in the act of stealing. I mean, heck, I’d be embarrassed to be caught stealing a 10p lollypop, let alone a whole election!

Part of me isn’t surprised at all.

When I was seven years old, my mother gave me Animal Farm by George Orwell to read. I was really into Black Beauty at the time so she tried to entice me with the fact that it features farm animals. Somehow I must have learned beforehand that the story is not at all bucolic as I put up a bit of a fight, so she sat me down in front of the TV and showed me the cartoon version instead.

I reminded her of this fact a week or so ago and we had a laugh about it — while other little girls were playing My Little Pony, I was learning about the horrors of Communism, but actually, all these years later, I’m thankful that she did insist.

You see, I have never been under the impression that the world is a fairytale place. From the tender age of seven, through Animal Farm, and even Black Beauty now I come to think of it, I was aware that this is a world in which good horses like Boxer and Ginger are worked to death and then rendered down into glue.

Consequently, I was well prepared for a reality in which governments and pharmaceutical companies work in tandem to test highly experimental technologies on whole populations, and in which powerful people steal elections, while their allies in the media gaslight the people by telling them that they didn’t see what they had just seen.

I’ve had numerous conversations with people over the last few weeks who are uneasy with the vaccines and the election results, but can’t bring themselves to accept that bad actors are behind both. I can understand that. It’s not a nice thing to contemplate. But it being discomforting doesn’t mean it’s not true.

They really are doing these things. They really do hold you in contempt. If your childhood was full of fairytales in which good kings ruled happy kingdoms and you’re now having a hard time accepting what’s going on… well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s time to grow up.