How We Got Here: Those Damned Commies

In yesterday’s post I explained that America has just fallen to a Communist coup, and is now firmly in the hands of a global cartel, a syndicate consisting of the Democratic Party, the media, and big business which are all colluding together against the American people.

It should be noted that, although I framed this discussion in American terms (and will continue to do so), I do so only because in America it is most easily exposed, thanks to that country’s long history of standing for freedom and personal liberty which means whistleblowers and dissidents have been plentiful.

Do not assume, however, that what I am saying applies only to America. The USA was merely the last outpost of the free world to stand. My own native country of Britain has also fallen to the same takeover, and I expect the same could be said for every formerly free nation on the planet. It is no coincidence that government policies align so closely across states right now. Witness, for example, the way Western countries adopted gay marriage as a policy: in the first decade of the 21st century, seven nations altered their statue books, and within the next five years, between 2010 and 2015, a further 16 countries came on board, including Christian nations such as the USA.

Similarly so called “green passports,” conferring privileges on people willing to take the Coronavirus vaccine, were first floated, then made a firm policy in Israel, and are now being copied in the UK.

This homogenization of government policy also holds for country’s cultures, which have all been increasingly blurred to become synonymous. When I first visited Israel in the 1990s it was clearly a Middle Eastern country. Now, just 25 years later, food, music, media, fashion – all is indistinguishable from that found in Europe or America. The same brands are found everywhere, the same chain stores line the malls of Jerusalem, Jacksonville, and, for all I know, Johannesburg. And all of it cheap, poorly made, designed to be disposable and regularly replaced. We have all become, not citizens, but consumers with no choice but to take what we’re given and be thankful for it.

So how did we get here?

Before I start, I want to make on thing abundantly clear: this Great Awakening is designed to free the people of planet Earth, and free people are free and independent thinkers. Therefore, I want to emphasise two things:

  1. I do not expect you to believe anything I write on these pages. In fact, I hope you don’t. I want you to test it out for yourself. Ask yourself: is this true? Does it fit with what I already know? Does it fit with the world around me as I am seeing it? Countless times during this ‘pandemic’ I have lain in bed asking myself: what if I am wrong to assume that it is being pushed upon us as a narrative? What if there really is a deadly virus sweeping the planet? Am I being paranoid? What is the evidence? What is that still, small voice inside trying to tell me about what I’m seeing? You need to cultivate this habit of critical thinking too. Your very survival may one day depend upon it.
  2. As a result, I am not going to give very much information here. In fact, I’m going to gallop through topics at breakneck speed and in some instances supply only links to evidence. In other cases I may not even do that. This blog isn’t designed to tell you anything, it’s designed to give you a steer and a nudge in the right direction. But, dear reader, the hard work of uncovering the true nature of life on this earth is up to you. Ultimately, although people can effect events on this planet, only you can wake yourself up. Only you can save yourself.

Have you ever wondered why the Allies fought World War II against Literally Hitler, yet allied with Stalin? Both were socialists, both were totalitarian dictators, yet we bombed Dresden to a pulp while shaking hands with the Red Army.

And think about the way the war ended. Far from freeing millions from oppression, after the war Germany was divided, and half of Europe fell into a dark age, locked behind the Iron Curtain. Meanwhile on the Pacific front, the chess board was left in just such a way that allowed communism to spread across Asia, sparking numerous other wars throughout the 20th century. The people of North Korea are still paying the price.

Dianne West has wondered this. In fact, she wondered about it so much that she went digging and discovered that the reason is simple: by the time of the Second World War, communist infiltrators were already in the White House directing federal policy. It was they who maneuvered the American military and foreign policy throughout the century in just such a way that it would benefit the Soviets, while at the same time creating and maintaining the illusion that America and the USSR were at odds.

Here is an interview with Diana West, detailing all of this [edit – the video has been taken down, so I have replaced with another of West speaking]:

You can buy her book, American Betrayal here. I suggest you watch the above and buy the book soon before they are censored — the video has already been deleted from its original channel and is now only available as long as it stays under the radar. West also has a website.

West goes on to describe in the interview how the patriotic Americans who attempted to expose this were smeared and in some cases killed. The most notable was, of course, senator Joseph McCarthy, who’s name has become a byword for paranoia and persecution. In truth, he was neither paranoid nor persecuting innocents, he was exposing a very real threat to America and the West at large. As with so many others before and after him, the media and government colluded to smear him. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Again, this wasn’t only taking place in America. In the video below, the writer Giles Udy lays out the communist sympathies of Britain’s Labour Party, dating back to at least the 1930s.

In 1932/33, the collectivisation of agricultural land and persecution of the kulaks — farmers who owned their own land — in Ukraine under Stalin resulted in a famine which killed up to ten million people. Yet while the Holocaust was widely acknowledged shortly after the war, the Holodomor as it is known, which means ‘death by starvation,’ has still not been fully acknowledged by the establishment.

It is important to understand that is it not simply that these events were not known about, or even that people just looked the other way. There is clear evidence that the West knew what was going on, but both the media and governments actively covered it up. A film, “Mr Jones,” details how a British journalist, Gareth Jones, attempted to report on the massacre, but was discredited by others in the West, most notably George Bernard Shaw, David Lloyd George, and journalists Walter Duranty and Louis Fischer. Duranty, a New York Times reporter, was based in Moscow and was a Soviet asset. While Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize and was widely lauded, Jones died aged 30 in Mongolia.

The Holodomor is still being sidelined to this day — the British Conservative MP Pauline Latham has held repeated debates calling on the Holodomor to be recognised as a genocide by the British state. So far it has not been.

Speaking of dissenters, it appears that the first President to say “No” to this scam was none other than JFK, who seems to have been killed by the CIA or FBI for his troubles. I say ‘seems’ because, although this seems to me to be the most likely explanation, I have yet to personally see the smoking gun on that one. In truth, I’m not very much of a conspiracy theorist at all I’m just naturally curious, so you’ll have to do the heavy digging on that one yourself.

What you should know, which will help you make sense of world events of the 20th Century, is that the West’s intelligence agencies were all set up by infiltrators to both spy on those who dissented, and to shape events. Generally speaking, within both of these organisations the ground officers are patriots and are unaware that they are doing their enemy’s bidding. Those who figure it out are swiftly ejected from the ranks and silenced.

But again, don’t take my word for it. In the following few blogs I will give you the proof on that, as we first move on to American communist activities of the latter 20th C, and then on to 9/11.

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