How to Survive the Liberal Takeover

FILE PHOTO: Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States by Chief Justice John Roberts as Jill Biden holds the Bible during the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol, in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2021. Andrew Harnik/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo

What went right?

So, Biden was inaugurated and everyone who values truth, justice and election integrity has lost their shit.

The one question I’ve heard over and over this week is: What went wrong? How could this coup have been allowed to happen? Why didn’t Trump fight harder?

I too watched on Wednesday with a mixture of horror and incredulity, hoping against hope that a freak earthquake would topple those assembled off their perches and fling them to the ground, or that God, in a Monty Python-esque scene, would part the clouds and boom “No, Joe!”

But there was no earthquake and no parting of the clouds, nor any booming voice, and so when it was over I too rocked back in my chair, pondered for a moment, and asked myself: “Well, now what?”

A couple of years ago I was given a book to write which I believe to be allegorically prophetic — that is to say: through the main character’s story (which is fiction) we are given a roadmap for the years ahead and how we should approach them. (If you’re interested, it’s called The Book of Niv, and you can buy it using the link at

In my book there is a scene in which the main character can see that something is happening which doesn’t look good, but he has a feeling that what is about to happen is supposed to happen, so doesn’t try to escape the path he is traveling along.

And, indeed, the events that   follow are not good in the way we would think of them, they are painful and frightening, yet they have a purpose: they are an essential point along his journey towards, ultimately, spiritual enlightenment.

Friends, if you’re reading this newsletter the chances are it found you because that is the journey you are now embarked upon. There will be times along that journey which are painful and frightening, and in which you may feel hopeless or abandoned. Indeed, you may have had plenty of them already in order to progress even this far.

Collectively, the inauguration this week is another of those  moments which seem baffling and painful, and there will be many more before the journey is through. But those times are  instrumental in reminding us that we live in God and for God, and that even in the darkest  moments, His light still shines if we know where to look for it. Moreseo: it is only through learning the lessons found in those experiences that we are able to truly find Him.

So does that mean we are now in for four hard years or more of China Joe and his Marxist   agenda?

Not necessarily.

One of the reasons I watched the inauguration while hoping something might happen to disrupt it is that every single sign has pointed toward Trump remaining president.

All of the Jewish and Christian prophets I’ve come across (and likely some of other faiths that I haven’t) have been predicting four more years of Trump.

The astrologers have pointed to portents of truth and justice in the stars as indicative that the truth over this fraudulent election (and the fake pandemic) would come to light and the true winner be installed in the White House.

The mystics and psychics have been saying the same thing: that the truth will out, and soon.

(By the way, given that you’re reading a newsletter titled “How

to Survive the Apocalypse” I’m going to go ahead and unapologetically assume you already  understand that the opinions of prophets, astrologers and       psychics are worth listening to, albeit always with a discerning mind. If you don’t, you’re going to find the next few years incredibly odd indeed. By the end of them, psychics and astrologers will be the least of your worries.)

Were all of these people wrong? Certainly some of the prophets at least have backtracked,    apologised to their following and assumed they’d misheard.

They should have more faith, in themselves and in God.

A few days before the inauguration I woke up from a dream I’d been having which had a pleasant hue, into a feeling of calm restfulness. In the moment     between sleep and waking I    understood the message: “It is done,” (or, “it is accomplished”), and upon waking fully I understood that I didn’t need to worry about the events surrounding the election and inauguration, because God’s will had already been made manifest. This could mean one of two things: firstly, action could have been taken  behind the scenes which has not yet been publicly revealed to us. Certainly there are hints that that is the case, but really, who can tell?

Alternately, it could simply mean that everything is progressing according to God’s plan and that we don’t have to worry or busy ourselves with trying to set events ‘back on the right path.’ All we need do is sit back and enjoy the spectacle of events playing out in accordance with His will.

After all, from God’s perspective there is no time. There is no such thing as ‘too late,’ there is only the now, now, now up into which every event is caught: what was, what is, and what will be — all of it is now, and is therefore    already accomplished before it has even begun.

Given this, it is futile to ask “what went wrong?” Nothing went wrong. We may feel that we are staring down the barrel of a gun; we may feel that things are not merely bad but catastrophic. But we also know, because we have been told it, that in the end God wins. If he hasn’t won, if truth, justice and morality do not reign, then clearly this isn’t the end.

The best really is yet to come.

So, now what?

Over the last few days I have been discussing this week’s events with people, and I have voiced the same opinion as above; namely, that the predictions of a Trump win weren’t wrong, we just haven’t seen it yet.

Inevitably the next question asked is: “So what do you think is going to happen?”

And my answer has been “I haven’t the foggiest idea.”

I’ve written in these pages before about not making predictions about the future because whatever we expect is never what happens.

“A ha!” an astute reader might cry. “Then how can you predict that Trump will still end up as President? Surely that guarantees it not to happen?”

Certainly it’s true that if you will something hard to happen, it almost invariably does not. Or, conversely, if there is something you really don’t want to happen, it almost always does. The only people I know who have caught Covid have been those who were terrified they might catch it.

However, there is a difference between willing something to happen and merely knowing that it will.

Secondly, there are degrees of knowing. All of us have had the experience of getting a feeling that we shouldn’t do something, doing it anyway, and then immediately regretting that decision when, for example, the email we had a feeling we shouldn’t open contains a virus that crashes our computer.

In that moment we have been given an insight into the destination, but not the path that will take us to it, and it is that upon which it is futile to speculate, if only because there are so many paths to the same destination that you’re almost bound to guess the wrong one. The best thing to do is simply not open the email and cut all the paths off in one go.

Or, conversely, in the case of a destination you want to reach, just let any of the paths play out, safe in the knowledge that you will be taken to it in time.

For the last few days I have had the oddest sensation that I should feel panicked — after all, with Israel rolling out vaccinations at an astonishing rate there is much to panic about —and yet I don’t. It’s natural for the ego-led rational mind to panic, that’s it’s job. But the self knows that there is a plan, God’s plan, and all we have to do is trust it. 

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