An open letter to the media on your culpability for Covid deaths

Dear Media*,

Early last year as the Covid “pandemic” swung into full force you reported every single death with Covid practically in real time, blaring out nightly statistics on deaths, intubations, positive test results, parading these figures context free but always with a sombre tone of concern.

You wailed over gruesome pictures of blood spattered walls. You became hysterical over the case of an uninsured American 17-yr-old boy who died – if it happened to him it could happen to anyone (except, oh, he wasn’t uninsured and, oh, he didn’t actually die of Covid), you screamed “killer!” at anyone who dared come into contact with another human, even though everyone knows human touch is essential to wellbeing.

You whipped the nations of the world into a whirlwind of fear, panic and paranoia and you didn’t once consider what you were doing.

Anyone would think you would be desperate for a cure for this plague, as you took to calling it. Surely you would jump on whatever slivers of hope presented themselves?

But no. Ivermectin could reduce Covid deaths by 75%. HCQ is widely used in many parts of the world and has been proven a safe, effective drug for everyone from the elderly to pregnant women to children over the last six decades of its use. It is in plentiful supply. In Africa, where it is an over the counter drug, deaths per head of population have been one hundredth of the rate in America, where it is not.

One hundredth. Had this information been widely disseminated (which is, after all, the media’s job), the death toll for America would not be the 400,000 you place it at. It would be 4,000.

But you covered that information up. You looked the other way. While crying “won’t someone do something?!!” you allowed 396,000 needless deaths to take place. Where is your conscience?

Why the silence? It so that the vaccine could instead be pushed on people: a vaccine which is completely unproven; a vaccine which is the progeny of failed experimental vaccines shown to cause death and disease; a vaccine which the manufacturers admit may render people infertile and cause autoimmune disease; and most importantly a vaccine which is already showing clear signs of causing death and serious injury to people?

Having ordered the elderly to live alone and in fear for nearly a year, do you not feel a pang of guilt for dangling the vaccine as a carrot, only to see it destroy families permanently before they could reunite?

Who’s killing granny now?

And what of the expectant mothers told they are protecting their newborn by getting the vaccine, only to miscarry?

Who will carry the guilt of those deaths? The mothers who wanted only the best for their unborn children and listened to you, or you who lied?

Dear media, you have blood on your hands. Thousands upon thousands of preventable deaths, of lives ruined, of families destroyed – and that’s before we get to the suicide deaths from lockdown, or the people who haven’t been killed but have been permanently seriously injured.

If you don’t know that you bear some responsibility for this bloodshed and misery, God certainly does. Those peoples’ blood cries out to Him from the earth.

* Yes, dear media, not dear mainstream media. The distinction has ceased to be meaningful for me. There is the media, and there are people gamely running samizdat sites, dodging the information gatekeepers in the form of Big Tech. Good luck to them.

** I know there are many working in the media who have been forced to write articles or produce broadcasts in support of the Covid narrative against their better judgement and with much unease, for fear of losing their jobs. To those people I want to say: I have every sympathy for you. Of course there are pressures of daily life and this has been a hard year for many. But at some point you need to ask yourself: do you really want this on your conscience?

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