The Swedish government is making a database of everything everyone owns because ‘Inequality’

Here is an interesting update from our Swedish friends – the land of happy soft socialism, if the left are to be believed.

An article published in Fria Tider (Free Times) on Tuesday February 2nd headlined “Löfven will map your assets and liabilities” reports [Note, this is Google translated from Swedish, with a bit of light editing to tidy up the English]:

The government now wants to map Swedes’ assets and liabilities, according to their website. The information will then be used to make Sweden economically “equal”.

The government has now decided to commission a special investigator to investigate how individual-based statistics on households’ assets and liabilities can be produced. According to the government, this is necessary to get a better picture “of the distribution of economic resources, economic vulnerability and economic equality”.

The information will then be used to make Sweden more “equal”. –

“Statistics on household assets and liabilities not only improve the conditions for a well-balanced fiscal and monetary policy. It also provides better opportunities to analyze risks to financial stability. Better statistics on the distribution of income, assets and liabilities are also important in the work of combating economic inequality,” Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson (S) said in a statement.

The survey should not, however, threaten personal privacy or the protection of personal data, it is claimed. According to the government, it has been lacking these types of statistics since 2007.

“Since then, authorities, international organizations and researchers have pointed to the need to produce this type of statistic for analyzes of monetary policy, financial stability and macroprudential supervision,” the Löfven government writes.

[Note, I don’t think this means the government stopped collecting them in 2007, rather, that was when the call to collect them started]

The inquiry must be reported on no later than 30 June 2022.

The journalist then concludes:

Fighting so-called “inequality” is in line with “The Great Reset,” the power elite’s project to “restart” the world and make it more equal. The corona pandemic will be used to rebuild the world based on a combination of Marxism and capitalism. Private property is rejected. People are encouraged to rent things instead of owning them. It is more “sustainable” for the climate, globalists argue.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofvan rose up through union ranks to become first the leader of the Swedish Social Democrat Party in 2012, and Prime Minister in 2014. This is also the man who in 2015 refused to call China a dictatorship — although he did at least concede that it is a one party state with no elections.

This is the future that awaits all of us within the next few years: we will have our assets first mapped, then seized. Remember, under communism everyone is equal — equally destitute.