How Not To Survive, But To Thrive

I’ve been writing this newsletter for the last few months in the hope that, as I did, I would reach some sort of clarity, about where we are, about where we’re going, about how to get there.

Like most people, I guess I’ve been hoping for a quick fix: we’ll do this and then all the bad things will go away!

This week, I received two signs which I feel has given me some of that clarity, although I can’t say they’ve presented a quick-fix solution.

The second came as I watched this video yesterday about the situation in Ireland.

There, people are being jailed for exercising their legal right to scrutinize the legal and democratic system by attending court proceedings as a spectator, and others are being threatened with fines and arrests for, among other ‘offenses’, going to the beach. But when not nicking people for these things, or beating the crap out of protestors in Dublin and Cork, the police have been investing hours into — what else? — dance routine tiktok videos filmed at Ireland’s beauty spots. You can’t take your dog for a walk, there’s a pandemic on, but officers of the law can make fools of themselves with idiotic, robotic looking dances. What really struck me though, as I was watching this video, was the presenter’s bewilderment at why more people aren’t kicking back.

“There’s been no mass awakenings anywhere,” the presenter, Dave Cullen said. “Yes there’s been some re-openings, there’s been some big protests, but there’s still restrictions. The Covid scam has not been thoroughly publicly rejected   anywhere yet. Germany had the biggest anti-lockdown protests anywhere in the world last year, putting 1.3 million people on the streets of Berlin, so why haven’t they had massive civil disobedience? France seems also to be fairly asleep as well, and the Irish and British populations appear to be comatose right now.”

He goes on: “If a substantial enough amount of people begin dying, for example, from the vaccine, I don’t know whether the general public have the ability any more to figure out that those deaths would have been caused by the vaccine. They might continue to believe the media when they say ‘oh no, those were Covid deaths’. I don’t know if there’s any logic or     reasoning ability left in them.”

This is the separating of the wheat from the weeds as in the parable in Matthew 13, which is also foretold as the winnowing of the wheat from the chaff by John the Baptist in Matthew 3:12 and Luke 3:17.

We are starting to see a clear split emerge between those of us who value freedom, justice, and the human spirit, and those who subdue or subvert those values in service to selfishness, greed and the comforts of materialism, whether knowingly or not.

I’ve spoken to a number of people over recent weeks about the vaccine, and overwhelmingly those who are lining up to take it are doing so not because they truly do trust our governments and regulators, but because they want to trust them. They want to live in a world in which they don’t have to think for themselves, don’t have to do research and weigh up evidence, but instead can abdicate that responsibility to someone else.

This is what it ultimately comes down to: we are dividing into two groups: those willing to take on the responsibility of personal freedom, and those who are not. Each group will ultimately get what they desire: freedom or slavery.

By the way, the Irish police are referred to as Gards. Isn’t that the most appropriate thing you’ve ever heard?

‘So what was the first sign?’ I hear you ask.

It was GameStop.

Here’s Tucker Carlson explaining the story:

And here’s an update on the story:

Essentially what you need to know is that Wall Street had written the company off and ’gone short’, that is, had placed bets that it would fail on the financial markets. But Reddit users disagreed, didn’t like the fact that a company they valued (it sells computer games) was being targeted for failure, and bought up stock, sending the price rallying. Eventually the Wall Street guys were forced to capitulate, sending the shares skyrocketing even higher.

The point of this story is this: the money markets — like politics, like medicine, like law — have been run by cartels for years,  fixing the game against the average Joe and in favour of the banks and financial houses.

The GameStop saga is the first time that a group of ordinary  citizens, some 3 million or more, have managed to throw a significant spanner in the cabal’s works by flipping the game in their favour.

It’s surely no coincidence, therefore, that the company involved is called GAME STOP.

It’s not often that God waves a flashing neon sign at His people and tells them to take the hint, but this is certainly one of those times. If you want the game, the racket, to stop, you need to get together and turn the tables.

And just in case we’re really all asleep he hammered home the point: GameStop’s headquarters are located in — where else? — Grapevine, Texas.



So now we know roughly where we are, and we know roughly what to do about it. We are at a juncture, and each of us now needs to choose which path they want to take.

Over the last few months I have watched countless hours of videos and interviews, read numerous articles, pieced the big picture together. I’ll be laying out as much of that information as I can on this website for as long as I can, but in a nutshell, the story is this:

For all of its history, mankind has been limited by access to  resources and the requirement to hoard goods in order to survive. Subsistence farming is a good illustration of this: you can only grow what the weather permits from year to year, so in periods of abundance, people must gather as much as they can, preserve what they can, and hope that it lasts until the next period of abundance. Sometimes that might be years away.

However, as technology has developed, that need has dissipated. We no longer eat seasonally and we have lost the skills to cure our own foods through various means, because we have jets that fly in food from hotter (or colder) climes, and fridges to store that food in. Soon we will reach the point where technological advances will create the potential for everyone to live in abundance, driving down the cost of goods effectively to zero. This is the fourth industrial revolution.

However, while you and I might be content to take what we need and allow others do to the same, there are those who want all of this abundance for themselves. These are the globalists, and their plan is first to enslave us to build their utopia (the Great Reset), then eventually to dispose of us so that they can enjoy it free from competition.

This presents humanity with a clear fork in the road. We, as a species, can move into true equality and true freedom, or we can set up a permanent master / slave dynamic, with a very few enjoying unlimited wealth and power.

This is a decision that every single one of us needs to take on a personal level, because it involves not simply choosing freedom, but choosing to shoulder the responsibility of freedom. It is one thing merely to be left alone, quite another to forge a brand new paradigm on a global scale.

However, if we do want freedom, answer is simple (though not easy): we, the grapes of the vine, need to stop the current game.