How We Got Here: The Role of the Rockerfellers

David Rockefeller delivers remarks before presenting then-Secretary of State Colin Powell with the Marshall Award in 2003.

Far be it from me to go down conspiracy theory lines – in fact, that’s something I’m extremely keen not to do on these pages. However, not everything that is labelled ‘conspiracy theory’ actually is. Indeed, the label often serves as a handy smear to throw the casual observer or newbie rabbit-hole-digger off track early on.

Such is the case with the Rockerfeller family.

As soon as you mention the name it raises the spectre of powerful shady figures doing backroom deals, which has become such a standard trope of conspiracy theories it barely seems to warrant a second look. But then, are we really saying there are no powerful people? And are we really saying that some of them don’t get together to have private discussions? And are we really saying that those discussions don’t have some element of self-interest? Of course there are, and of course they do. That’s what Davos is about for a start, and the UN and so on and so forth.

So, back to the Rockerfellers and where they fit in to this whole big picture, in three videos.

1) The Rockerfeller involvement in health care.

For much of human history, medicine has been essentially homeopathic, using natural remedies in an attempt to cure disease. By the 1800s this was rivaled by allopathic medicine, which utilises drugs and surgery to combat disease.

Where most poeple would view medicine as a caring profession, the Rockerfellers spotted a business opportunity. Drugs cost money, and sick people need drugs. Et voila, Big Pharma was born.

The video below details how the Rockerfellers cemented allopathic medicine as mainstream ‘Western’ medicine, elbowing aside homeopathic practices, by pouring large amounts of funding into both drug development and medical education, ensuring that doctors were trained only to prescribe drugs and surgeries as cures, not look for alternatives.

The implications for Covid are clear. According to CNN, “Wall Street analysts are projecting Pfizer and Moderna will generate $32 billion in Covid-19 vaccine revenue — next year alone. … Pfizer (PFE) by itself is projected to haul in $19 billion in Covid-19 vaccine revenue in 2021, according to Morgan Stanley. That’s on top of an estimated $975 million in 2020 vaccine revenue. … Pfizer is expected to take in $9.3 billion more in combined Covid-19 vaccine revenue in 2022 and 2023 as the world continues to get vaccinated, Morgan Stanley projected.”

I guess Pfizer sure is lucky Covid came along.

2) Wait, but why?

Ok, we get it, money is a nice thing to have. But as James Corbett points out, once you have billions adding a few more is really neither here not there. There’s only so many yachts you can sail at once, so much gold-laced ice-cream you can eat. Why pursue more and endless more?

This video has the answer.

Money is not really the motive here. Patrick Wood lays it out at 34:36: “He [David Rockerfeller] wanted the whole world. America was not enough. He wanted it all.”

Make no mistake, this isn’t just about owning things. It’s not that the Rockerfellers simply wanted the deeds to everything, every penny, every mine, every solar panel and so on.

What they ultimately craved was full control of everything.

3) Phenomenal cosmic power

They want exacting control over how many other people they shared the planet with (if any). They want control over what those people could do, or even think. They want full control over nature itself, placing themselves in charge of the growth of each tree, or bird, or blade of grass. In the ideal Rockerfeller world, not a single thing would happen that they didn’t have full power over. This is not mere greed. This is megalomania on a cosmic scale. What they crave, in short, is to replace God.

Make no mistake, Covid is just the opening salvo in the end game. The Rockerfellers and their fellow travellers (and there are some) have been directing world events for over a century now, manipulating the lives of billions of people on the planet toward realising their ultimate goal of becoming gods. They steered the events of the World Wars, the Holocaust, Communism, Islamofascism, the move toward digital reality – all of it has been carefully choreographed to entrap us as slaves, and eventually to dispose of us completely.

The only question that remains is: Are they going to get away with it?


Here’s a bonus video from 2014 featuring a journalist blowing the whistle on a document from the Rockerfeller Institute in which it lays out a pandemic scenario, including enforced mask wearing and temperature checks at all stores and public spaces. Take a look, he’s describing the Covid scenario exactly (although he thought it would be blamed on Ebola):