Qortal’s philosophy-first approach could be the gateway to the digital New World

A friend sent me a video a couple of days back enthusiastically raving about ‘the new way of doing internet’ and ‘a truly decentralised future,’ which are both things I’m keen on, so I had a look. I’ll admit I’m not particularly techie so it’s taken me a while and a bit of digging to get my head around it, but I think he’s on to something here.

Firstly, let us fly like eagles and get a very broad overview of the landscape here. Over the last year it has become increasingly obvious that the old way of doing things is broken beyond repair – and that’s ok, because it wasn’t serving us anyway.

I’ve come into this through politics, others through health or organised religion, or like the guys in the video below, tech. But everywhere the picture is the same: a small group of self-styled ‘experts’ are acting as gatekeepers to what ought to be abundant resources, creating scarcity to drive up demand and creaming profit from the top.

Think of the way religious leaders act as a go-between between a worshiper and God, claiming to rule on God’s behalf whether that person has sufficiently paid their dues to be blessed. It’s no coincidence that religious organisations are among the wealthiest on the planet. “Give me gold and I will grant you God’s favour” is one of the oldest scams in the book.

Or the way doctors and pharmaceutical companies have hijacked health. Formerly, anyone could learn herb-lore and freely harvest plants with medicinal properties. They were just growing wild (and still are, if you know where to look). But by mystifying healthcare by calling it ‘science,’ Big Pharma has bamboozled people into paying large sums for magic beans, which they are told will cure their ailments. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

Meanwhile the financial markets and the economy itself has become one massive ponzi scheme. The video below references a book titled The Creature From Jekyll Island, which I haven’t read, but Wikipedia describes its author as a “conspiracy theorist” and “right wing,” whose views have been ‘debunked,” so it must be a good book. In a similar vein is Planet Ponzi, which I have read and recommend. In short, by mystifying finance the banksters controlled the markets and got fabulously rich at the expensive of the little guy – as the recent Robin Hood / GameStop affair has laid bare.

And this is where we swoop down to take a closer look. What these guys are essentially saying is that the problems with real-world finances are now being replicated in the digital plane.

Someone asked me recently whether it was worth getting into bitcoin; my instinctive answer was ‘no’, partly because I think that window has probably been missed already, but mostly because governments and Wall Street are getting involved, which tells me that the market must already be corrupted because those people don’t like to deal in anything they can’t control (they just shut it down instead).

The problem with bitcoin as it stands is that, as mining depends on computing power, people with a lot of capital can monopolise bitcoin mining by simply investing in computing power and so build up crypto-power in a commensurate fashion — the digital equivalent of Bill Gates buying up farmland to monopolise the food supply while the rest of us look at our gardens and patios and hope to be able to grow enough to feed ourselves independently in the years to come.

In other words, the way bitcoin is mined means the inequalities of the current system are simply being carried over into the digital realm. Clearly with corporate-government over-reach accelerating at an alarming pace, this is problematic.

One of the recurring difficulties with the tech world is that developers tend to be idealists; they create an amazing tool and then simply hope it will be used for good. What these guys have done is flip that process: they have started with the philosophy and built the system to produce the desired outcome. This is the digital-financial equivalent of the founding fathers writing the American constitution: New World building based on directional policy rather than chaotic spontaneity and mere hoping-for-the-best.

Specifically, what these guys have done is create a new ‘communised’ mining process in which everyone in the network mines together and shares the proceeds. Given that forced redistribution is the only way to ensure complete equality, there must be an intrinsic hierarchy. If I’ve understood correctly, in qortal that hierarchy is created through directly linking reward to effort, rather than investment.

This is extremely exciting. As the fourth industrial revolution gains pace and the elites roll out their plan to monopolise it (and us), aka The Great Reset, the most common reaction has simply been to forgo technology. If your phone is tracking your every move and reporting back to the government, best not have a phone. But that misses the point that digital technologies, like all technologies, are merely tools. A hammer can be used to bang a nail in the wall, or it can be used to kill, both equally effectively. The internet can be used to enslave us, but it can also unite us. The choice is ours.

And it is our choice.

The ambition of qortal’s founders is to eventually replace the current internet and economy with their version — and why not aim high, say I? So far the platform supports communitarian mining and also the exchange of crypto-currencies, and it is this second feature which shines more of a light on the philosophical underpinnings of the system.

On qortal, trading is directly peer-to-peer with no broker. If you want to roam into the techie-aspect, the trade is encrypted in a cool way and stuff but the point here is that there is no broker. If there is no broker, there can be no mystification process and no creation of false scarcity. This is absolutely key to breaking out of our corrupt system. We need to seize control of the process and once again trust people to take personal responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

This is why I am genuinely excited to see qortal taking shape. It allows us to use the neutral tools offered by the internet and cryptocurrencies for the good of mankind.

If you are interested, the website is: https://qortal.org/. They also have a telegram group at: https://t.me/qortalchat. Enjoy.

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