What did Israel give Pfizer in return for the vaccine?

A few days ago a report emerged that Pfizer had demanded military bases, bank reserves and embassies in return for handing over the vaccine, as collateral for any future lawsuits that may arise. Which is… curious, to say the least.

To be honest it sounds so outlandish that at first I assumed it was one of those twisted narrative stories that sometimes end up on ‘alternative media,’ in which a phrase gets taken out of context and turned into a scare story, which then reverberates around the social media networks. But no, this one was uncovered by the UK-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which is a wholly professional, award-winning outlet.

As detailed in their report:

Pfizer has been accused of “bullying” Latin American governments in Covid vaccine negotiations and has asked some countries to put up sovereign assets, such as embassy buildings and military bases, as a guarantee against the cost of any future legal cases

The Bureau spoke to officials from two countries, who all described how meetings with Pfizer began promisingly but quickly turned sour, and reviewed a report by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

The Argentinian Ministry of Health began negotiating with the company in June and President Alberto Fernández held a meeting with Pfizer Argentina’s CEO the following month. During subsequent meetings Pfizer asked to be indemnified against the cost of any future civil claims. Although this had never been done before, Congress passed a new law in October allowing for it. However, Pfizer was not happy with the phrasing of the legislation.

In late December, Pfizer made another unexpected request: that the government put up sovereign assets – which might include federal bank reserves, embassy buildings or military bases – as collateral.

The same demands were made of Brazil’s Ministry of Health. Pfizer asked to be indemnified and asked the ministry to put up sovereign assets as collateral, as well as create a guarantee fund with money deposited in a foreign bank account. In January, the ministry refused these terms, describing the clauses as “abusive”.

You can read the full report here.

This raises serious questions in Israel, where the government last month admitted that it had done a deal with Pfizer in order to get early access to the vaccines. Put bluntly, the government has handed over the entire population of Israel to Pfizer to be used for a mass experiment.

In return for getting the vaccines, the State of Israel promised Pfizer data that would allow Pfizer to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine. This data included the health history of every citizen who had the vaccine. This of course means that Pfizer has no idea what the effects of the vaccine really are, and that Israelis are being used as lab rats.

When rumours began to swirl that this had happened, the government published a redacted copy of the agreement between Pfizer and the State of Israel on its website.

It confirms that an experiment is taking place – article 2.1 of the agreement, titled ‘Objective of the Project,” states it as: “To measure and analyze epidemiological data arising from the Product rollout, to determine whether herd immunity is achieved after reaching a certain percentage of the vaccination coverage in Israel.”

Anyone familiar with scientific reporting will immediately recognise this as an experimental aim, consistent with undertaking an experiment to gather data and prove (or disprove) a hypothesis.

Consequently, shortly thereafter the Helsinki Committee told the Israeli tech outlet Calclist: “Reading the contract signed between the Israeli government and Pfizer shows clearly and unequivocally that this is a clinical study for all intents and purposes, and thus, it had to be approved by the Helsinki Committee.”

They added: “There is nothing wrong with clinical trials, but clinical trials (human trials) must get the committee’s approval, and of course, from the people on whom the trial is being conducted while giving them the right to refuse to be part of a trial. These are fundamental things.”

Calclist later changed it’s report, but Jewish Business News still carries the original quotes.

Of course it goes without saying that the agreement between the State of Israel and Pfizer was made without the knowledge of the citizens, who were told that the vaccine had been tested and was safe. Many took the vaccine because they were assured that it had already been proven safe.

However, that’s not the whole story. Shortly after, a local journalist contacted a contract lawyer who reviewed the redacted document published by the government and concluded that it had not only been redacted, but also tampered with.

The lawyer identified anomalous language which made it clear the document had been edited as well as redacted. They further explained:

On closer inspection, one can clearly see that the ‘readable PDF’ ends in the middle of clause 5.2 – just before the beginning of this strange insertion. The rest of this page (page 6) and the following page (page 7) are not ‘readable PDF’.
Rather, they have been inserted anew, and are not part of the original text.

The same replacement of readable-PDF text takes place on page 4. I believe this occurs here in order to hide a significant section of text which has been removed.

Clearly, the document presented to the public is not the full agreement with Pfizer. This raises the obvious question: if the government is willing to concede that it is conducting a mass experiment on Israeli citizens – already illegal – then what has it taken steps to hide?!

Taken together with the revelation that Pfizer has leant on other governments for state assets such as military bases, bank reserves and embassies, the picture becomes even more alarming.

Israel has some of the most advanced military capabilities on the planet, backed by the USA. It also has some of the most advanced digital technologies, including tech such as facial recognition software and encryption breakers which seriously threaten personal freedoms.

Given that the State of Israel has clearly already shown itself to be willing to potentially ransom the health of every Israeli citizen to Pfizer, what else may they have handed over? If the vaccines proves not to be effective – or, God forbid, even dangerous to health, as some reports have already suggested – could Pfizer have demanded access to Israel’s military capabilities as surety?

This should be of concern not only to the citizens of Israel, but of everyone worldwide.


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