Why I am a pessimistic optimist

The British journalist James Delingpole has just put out one of the best podcasts I’ve seen regarding the Great Reset / Covid madness to date, interviewing a guy called Francis Hunt, aka The Market Sniper.

Hunt is everything you would want from a South African money man and more: down to earth, no nonsense, brutally honest about where we are and where we’re headed. You can imagine him waving a machete on a rugby pitch, yelling at the opposition “Come on then if you think you’re hard enough!” while tearing the flesh off the leg of some game animal with his bare teeth.

His 90 minute interview can be summed up as “We’re fucked. Survive if you can. If you can make some money doing so, even better,” which I think is about an accurate assessment as I’ve seen to date…


I’m not convinced about the money bit. I could, of course, be completely wrong, but it seems to me that if we are going to be honest about our predicament, we need to take into account the fact that there is clearly a Biblical aspect to current events.

I’m far from alone in believing that we are nearing Judgement Day, and if I and others who think the same are right, then we have to both understand events in that context, and prepare accordingly.

In order to do that, we need to understand what judgement is.

And in order to understand that, we first need to understand The Fall, which occurred when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

We are used to living in a binary world. Events are either good, or they are bad. Actions are right, or they are wrong. Politicians are left wing or right wing.

But this is not a Gods-eye view of the world. At the fundamental level reality exists on a sliding scale, replacing “and / or” with “both / and.” For example, humans are either male or female but all are human, and it is only by recombining male with female that they can replicate to make more humans.

When the Bible says that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Good and Evil, what it means is that they went from seeing the world in this holistic way, with everything integrated, to seeing it in a binary fashion with everything split out. Our task then, if we want to be redeemed, is to reintegrate the parts into the whole.

Unfortunately for us, in the last few decades the binary view of the world has been sent into overdrive, sending the political centre ground flying out toward the margins. This is why people who used to consider themselves middle-of-the-road conservatives now find themselves labeled ‘Far Right’. It’s summarised in the phrase “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.”

It’s also why liberals get so apoplectic when people reply to “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter.” By proclaiming that black lives matter they are making a worldview claim for a binary world – black lives either matter, or they don’t – over and above an holistic world view which accepts that the phrase All Lives Matter incorporates black lives into the whole.

So where does judgement come into this?

Because we are used to living in a binary world, we automatically drop judgement into the category “bad,” mainly because no one likes to be told off. And again, our society has gone into overdrive on this idea. The one line from the gospels that every secularist and atheist can quote is “Thou shalt not judge,” although without exception they always fail to complete the sentence (lest ye be judged).

However, in reality everything has its correlate without which it could not exist. Hot has cold, left has right, and judgement has love. This means that judgement and love in effect are the same thing. Take away judgement, and love would also blink out of existence.

The role of judgement in love is to remove that which sullies the body in order to restore it to perfection, and the role of love in judgement is to ensure that judgement falls only where it is required. Because these are binary opposites, the tension between them, when correctly set, results in the correct balance.

Think of it in terms of the renovation of a house. When I was last house-hunting I saw a beautiful old Grade II Listed farmhouse with elements dating back to the Jacobean period. The ‘new wing’ was 17th Century. However, it had fallen into my price bracket because it had been badly treated. Old houses like that made of wattle and daub ‘breathe,’ the walls expand and contract according to temperature and climate. But the current owner had tacked on a lean-to, installed cheap windows which stressed joints, and had rendered the walls on the outside leaving them unable to move as required. The result was a mess. Cracks were appearing, damp had set in, beams had been holed through by insects, and a load bearing wall was bowing badly meaning the whole house could cave at any moment.

In order to restore it to its former glory, the lean-to would have had to have been torn down, the render ripped off, the new windows flung out. That’s judgement: destroying the rot in order to bring about restoration. It would have cost far more than the worth of the house to do it, but had I had the money I would have done it from love, and for the sheer joy of seeing the old farmhouse restored.

This clearly applies to our current society. I don’t think anyone would argue that we live in a perfect world right now, and so judgement has to happen in order to see civility restored.

However, that’s true of every age. I don’t think there has yet been a perfect society in the history of mankind. We are forever repeating the cycle of fall, judgement, restoration on some level. So what makes our age different? Why are people calling these times the End Times, and why could they be right?

The answer to that lies in the mystery of 666 and what it means. In Jewish teaching, 6 represents the physical world. Space has six directions: up/down, left/right, ahead/behind. Man was created on the sixth day, and all our work is to be done in six days of the week.

Meanwhile, 3 is the number of unity and of truth. If something is repeated three times in the Bible it is said to be given permanence or grounding. Therefore, six three times is the ultimate expression of six.

Rabbi Dr. Hillel ben David writes on his blog: “666 is six repeated three times. Repeating a concept three times represents the affirmation and strength of that concept. The number 666 could thus represent the strength and perfection of the physical world, which Judaism teaches will occur in the messianic era, when the physical world will reach its ultimate purpose, to be a vehicle through which the created experience the Creator.”

But, of course, there are seven days in a full week, not six. If six can be thought of as the completeness of work in the material world, then the seventh day can be thought of as representing what is left over: the ghost in the machine, or the dissident in the totalitarian state.

Bearing that in mind, a world represented by 666 would therefore be a materialist superstate in which humans attempt to enact complete control over the universe and everything in it, while excluding the extra ‘spark’ that brings full completeness. And this is what we see in the One World Order currently being constructed by those friendly chaps at Davos.

When watching videos put out by the World Economic Forum, one aspect always strikes me: there is never any accounting for human creativity. Rather, images of the Great Reset depict a highly regulated, essentially robotic world, full of ease and plenty but completely devoid of any spontaneity. The people in those videos are always very happy, busily buzzing from one place to the next in their Uber cars, tapping away on their Google phones, but you never see anyone draw, or dance, or sing.

That’s not an oversight. The people who make those videos, and the people behind the agenda, don’t view humans as creative beings. Rather, to them we are little more than monetary units. Our purpose, in the worldview of Davos man, is to produce and to consume.

And this, to come full circle, is why I’m wary of Francis Hunt’s assertion that we should survive if we can, and if we can make some money, even better. You see, the world of 666, the totalitarian superstate they are building, the new Tower of Babel which seeks to replace God with man and his ingenuity is, firstly, one of materialism and commerce, and, secondly, all encompassing.

And because it’s all encompassing, its judgement must be absolute. To go back to my earlier house analogy – if the house is generally solid but merely mistreated it is enough to pull out the rotten parts and replace them. But if every beam is filled with wood worm and every panel flaking to dust, to leave any part of it standing would only undermine what came next. In that scenario, every single part of it would have to be torn down in order for a new house to be built.

A totalitarian superstate which is all encompassing describes exactly that: a state in which every single part is rotten to the core. And so we see today: our judiciaries, our democracies, our local governance, our police forces, our education system, our commercial practices; all are fatally undermined by the corruption that is required for totalitarianism to take hold. And more than that: the people are complicit.

Before God destroyed Soddom and Gomorrah, Abraham argued with him, asking if he would preserve the cities if just ten good men could be found within them, and God agreed. But such men couldn’t be found, and so the cities were destroyed.

Now you might say, dear reader, “but I am a nice person!” and I’m sure you are right. So why can the current way of things not, for your sake, be preserved? Why must God’s judgement of this totalitarian superstate be absolute? Because the truth is that we are all complicit. We live in a very soft society, one which thinks that God can be a God of love without judgement. We all fear judgement, hoard our wealth, and hope that it will protect us if judgement ever comes. We are, in short, kids cooked in their mother’s milk, softened on gentle words and gentle teachings.

And so, you see, it is no good hoping to survive and positioning yourself to make a bit of money if you do. What you’re aiming for in that scenario is to be the one rotten beam which is overlooked for demolition. It is a futile endeavour – and don’t forget that commerce is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. You will be swept away.

Instead, our aim should be to bring about redemption by not flinching away from the judgement in love and the love in judgement, but unifying them within ourselves. We do that by acting out the cardinal virtues: Prudence, i.e. wisdom – the ability to discern the correct action at the correct time; Justice, i.e. fairness or righteousness; Fortitude, i.e. courage, strength, endurance; and Temperance, i.e. self control.

In Matthew 20, Jesus tells his followers: “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” I believe the judgement, when it comes, will flip the world over so that those who are currently the most powerful will fall, while those who are oppressed will be lifted high. If that is the case, don’t store your hopes in bitcoin or gold. Store them in virtue instead.


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