We lose because we begin with concessions

I was thinking about how we got to the point where the mainstream opinion in the West supports terrorists who attack the West.

Let us be honest. It may be that woke and hard leftist supporters of evil are, in the general population, a minority. I think they are. I think their actual numbers are tiny. But in the world that shapes perception of the world, they are utterly dominant.

This, then, is the mainstream. In media. In education. Amongst celebrities and talking heads. This is the only thing you will see on your TV screens. It may only be a single current in the whole vast river of opinion, but it is the strongest. It is the one that pulls us bodily along, like ships caught in a storm or twigs bobbing on a stream.

And at the moment, it openly and invariably flows towards greater and greater evil. It directs us to a moral sewer, and far from the clean and uncorrupted waters of truth. We aren’t even surprised anymore when supporters of the IRA come close to being the government of the U.K. We aren’t surprised when TV news anchors viciously attack Israelis and support Palestinian organisations with declared genocidal aims. We aren’t even surprised when Palestinian supporters drive through streets in London with loudhailers declaring that Jewish women should be raped. And we aren’t surprised anymore by a murderous, racist black supremacist movement being funded and praised by supposedly respectable companies. By their name being invoked everywhere, and their leaders living in luxury, and their hate filled hypocrisy being pushed at us by ice cream companies, supermarket chains, and people whose first and public priority is supposed to be putting a ball in a net or a basket for a living.

In all these instances what is being publicly supported is death. What is being publicly backed is murder. Whether it’s the IRA, or Hamas, or Hezbollah, or BLM, all these groups have killed for political reasons. All of them. All of them have used violence and terror against the general public, against political rivals, against ordinary people for being Jewish or being white, for being American or for being British or for being Israeli.

Some have a longer history and a greater count of murders than others. But they are all groups that encourage or enact murder. And we accept it. Of course anyone sane is revolted. We object. We disagree. We worry. We switch off the broadcast that favours these killers. But we conceded, long ago. We let them form these groups, hold these views, express them in our presence, without response.

It didn’t begin here. It didn’t begin with support for terrorists being normal. It began when we started apologising for who we are. When leftist Jews pretended that Zionism was evil, rather than a necessity in a world that too frequently murders Jews. It began when white people started apologising for ‘imperialism’, as if no other race has ever conquered, or spread, or done both good and bad, as if building roads and schools and hospitals and railways and trade was a great crime. As if stopping barbaric practices like throwing a living widow on a funeral pyre was a bad thing.

It begins again whenever we say ‘I know the British Empire did this….’, ‘I know Churchill had some racist views but…’, ‘I know the Israeli government isn’t perfect but…’. Never begin with an apology. Never give them an apology.

We have been apologising for more than a century. No American should apologise for America. No Brit should feel anything but pride in Britain, including the Empire that is no more. Fuck the other side. They hate you. They want you dead. They support people who want to kill you. They will always hate you.

Where have your apologies and concessions led? Did they stop attacking you? Or were they emboldened by your meekness, as a bully and a bastard always are? Zionists and proud Israelis are of course the people who have had to learn this lesson through more suffering than anyone else. But white people need to learn it now too. There is not a choice between hate and love. There is a choice between facing their hate or letting it destroy you forever, a choice between existence and non existence.

Concede nothing. Take back every apology of the last century. Shock them with the depth and the fierceness of your pride in all the things they tell you to be ashamed of. Because your past is you, and your future only exists if you reclaim that past from the mire and the filth of apology.

You had a crown. Don’t forswear it. Pick it up from the mud, and wear it.