The Rise of the Wokistocracy

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The rule now seems to be that any criticism of Meghan Markle, any joke about her, any negative comment from a public figure means the sack. The same applies to any negative comment about Saint George of Fentanyl.

The media and the corporate world are enforcing unwritten blasphemy laws where anything that offends any purple haired worthless cunt on Twitter results in instant dismissal. Twitter has become an unofficial branch of the HR Department, with a little dash of Gestapo thrown in for good measure.

The aim is clearly to create a society in which no non Woke opinion or thought is allowed in the public sphere. At the same time as flooding the public sphere with Woke beliefs no matter how offensive they are to the majority of ordinary people, including direct support for terrorist organisations. We should acknowledge that this aim has been fulfilled.

When a single woke lunatic complains about a mild joke, which may be a decade old, the victim of this censorious and fanatical witch hunting is sacked or placed ‘under investigation’. In the U.K. we have had this happen to the cricketer Ollie Robinson, for tweets he shared when he was 18. One of these was very mildly racist, one noticed a link between Islam and bombs, and one dared to suggest that some women were undignified.

A sane society wouldn’t even notice the existence of these things, let alone treat them as dangerous. Our society treats these things as hugely dangerous, but is fine with people with loudhailers calling for Jewish girls to be raped, and people actually raping white children.

The same Twitter thought police who scream for Robinson’s sacking laughed dismissively about those things and enthusiastically back murder and rioting, looting and terrorism from Palestinians or BLM. The same purple haired fool who wants every non woke opinion or joke made illegal at the same time quite literally, seriously and knowingly supports genocide, whether from the charter of Hamas, from the rise of Jew hatred in Europe, or even from the kindly attitudes these people seem to have towards communism and towards China, which as we speak has active concentration camps.

If you look at what has happened to Julie Burchill (again) for a mild dig at Meghan’s wokeness, you see that we are already there. We are already deprived of free speech. We are already living under a woke tyranny. Look at people being sacked for jokes and compare it to people being praised for murder or turned into Saint like martyrs after whole lifetimes of violent crime.

Look at the fact that Diversity are showered with praise and awards despite a record number of complaints about their morally depraved Saint George of Fentanyl tribute piece. Or how unconcerned the England football team are by offending England fans with the same sort of Floyd worship.

If a million ordinary people complain, the offence caused to them means nothing. If a single woke person complains, people are fired. We don’t have a problem with systemic anything, except for systemic corruption, systemic cowardice, and systemic wokeness. These things have created a schizophrenic divide between the opinions of the majority, and the opinions that are allowed.

It is a divide as great as that which existed in the late Soviet Union, or which occurs in any tyranny where freedom of thought and speech have been crushed. Ordinary people do not like being made to worship lies and told to hate humour. Perhaps 10% of a population are the petty minded jobsworths, shrivel souled creeps and natural authoritarian sadists who delight in these things. And they are telling the 90% what to do.

Creepy Woke Puritans, censors and witch hunters sexually aroused by getting people fired have been given total support by the media and corporate world. Perhaps they visited the same sex dungeons before agreeing on a thought dungeon for the rest of us.