A Storm is Coming

Photo: Clive Kim / Pexels

I haven’t blogged for a while, because, frankly, nothing has happened for a while. That all changed over the last 48 hours. Here’s a roundup of events.

Joe Rogan released podcast #1671: Bret Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory.

On Tuesday (June 22), Joe Rogan released an “emergency” episode with Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist who ran into trouble last week after he discussed the efficacy of Ivermectin in treating Covid, and Dr. Pierre Kory is an ICU and lung specialist who is an expert on the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid. The podcast is explosive.

In it, Kory and Weinstein make the case that Covid could be eradicated and the “pandemic” ended within weeks if 70% of the population take a preventative dose of Ivermectin, a cheap, safe, widely available drug. They explain that Ivermectin has been shown to be effective against all strains of Covid both as a cure, especially in the early stages, and as a preventative measure.

And – and here’s the kicker – they discuss why this hasn’t happened: there would be no profit in it for the pharmaceutical companies. Sure, hundreds of thousands of lives and small businesses would be saved, but those pharma people wants their dollars, foo’.

Obviously this is already widely known, but the fact that it was all laid out on Rogan’s podcast is BIG. Rogan made $16 million in advertising from his podcast in 2020; The New York Times made $4.4 (albeit, podcasting isn’t their main focus). So far, the legacy mainstream media has ignored the ivermectin story and presumably will continue to do so. If this podcast shifts events – if politicians are forced to start asking pertinent questions of ministers, for example – it will mean that the supremacy of the legacy media has been truly broken. That’s uncharted territory, media-landscape-wise.

There is another question here too. Kory and Weinstein were talking to Rogan because YouTube had been shutting down and demonetizing channels that carried this sort of information on Ivermectin. But Rogan was given free rein by Spotify to create the content that he wanted. Now we’ll get to see how much clout the pharma companies and their allies in government, industry and media actually have.

The death of John McAfee

McAfee – he of McAfee anti-virus software – was found dead in his jail cell in Barcelona late Wednesday night (June 23). Earlier this week a three-judge panel at Spain’s National Court in Madrid ruled McAfee could be extradited to the United States to face charges of tax evasion. His death is being reported as a suspected suicide.

However… in June 2019 McAfee tweeted that he had been collecting information on government corruption, adding that if anything happened to him, that information would be leaked to the press:

In October, following his arrest, he tweeted regarding the possibility that he might be ‘suicided’:

Will the dead man switch now be triggered? If so, to whom? If Rogan’s ivermectin podcast isn’t taken down, he may end up being the go-to guy on too-hot-to-handle information that the legacy media want buried.

Rose McGowan on Tucker Carlson

Also last night, actress Rose McGowan requested a slot on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss none other than pop singer Britney Spears, who had appeared in court earlier in the day to request a judge overturn a conservatorship held by her father for the last 14 years. The conservatorship effectively means that her father is legally able to exercise full control over Spears’ life, including forcing her to take medication and denying her the ability to have a child with her partner.

According to ABC News:

The program required her to give up all her possessions — including her credit cards, cash, phone and passport — and was given “no privacy” as she was observed at all times, including being naked in front of people while she changed clothes.

Spears also alleged that she gave eight vials of blood per week, wasn’t able to see her kids or her boyfriend and was forced to work for 10 hours a day, seven days a week.

“My dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship — and my management, who played a huge role in punishing me when I said no. … Ma’am, they should be in jail,” she said, addressing Penny, adding that the people who did this to her “should not be able to walk away so easily.”

McGowan told Carlson:

“I lived in Hollywood … and I have made it my life’s mission to tell all of you out there what so many of you really know deep down: that fame and Hollywood and the media machine are rotten to the core. They do hurt and they do damage.

“What happened today is literally a cultural landmark moment, it is a cultural reset. … What has been done to her is horrific. … It goes deeper than that to … the rot in the machine and how society plays a part in a weird form of oppression.”

This tweet:

Oliver is right.

apocalypse (n.)

late 14c., “revelation, disclosure,” from Church Latin apocalypsis “revelation,” from Greek apokalyptein “uncover, disclose, reveal,” from apo “off, away from” (see apo-) + kalyptein “to cover, conceal,” from PIE root *kel- (1) “to cover, conceal, save.” The Christian end-of-the-world story is part of the revelation in John of Patmos’ book “Apokalypsis” (a title rendered into English as pocalipsis c. 1050, “Apocalypse” c. 1230, and “Revelation” by Wyclif c. 1380).

Its general sense in Middle English was “insight, vision; hallucination.” The meaning “a cataclysmic event” is modern [from the 1800s].

— Online Etymological Dictionary

An apocalypse is a time of revelation – when that that has been hidden is revealed. Like: the pharmaceutical industry has been holding medicine hostage for decades, causing untold human misery. Like: Government is corrupt and kills to cover its tracks. Like: Hollywood chews up and spits out young people for our entertainment.

By the way, there was an earthquake in Israel last week, near the Dimona nuclear reactor. It was small, but but often minor tremors are the prelude to something bigger.