A word about those Deagle predictions…

Photo: Tim Mossholder / Pexels

I’ve just been having another look at those Deagle predictions for 2025 – you remember, the ones forcasting massive population drops in the millions by 2025. They’ve been removed from the Deagle site, but you can still find them on the wayback machine.

Here’s the thing – when they first came out everyone was so focused on the massive death toll no one looked at the economic figures alongside the population, but they tell just as interesting a story.

Here’s the charts for the USA, UK and Israel:

So the USA is predicted to lose 70% of its population, Israel half its population, and the UK is forecast to shed a massive 77% of its population.

Obviously any country that sees its workforce culled in such a way will suffer massive loss of GDP, but even taking that into account, the remaining inhabitants are forecast to see their way of life decimated.

GDP per head of population is predicted to drop from $42k to $18k in Israel, a drop of nearly 60%. Americans and UK citizens are expected to take a similar economic hit. In the UK, this would take GDP down to just $13,600 per capita, bringing the country into line with where Colombia, Indonesia and Venezuela were in 2017.

That’s a problem, more so when one looks at the rest of the table.

Obviously these images aren’t exhaustive, but it’s worth taking a look through the table with the UK’s figure of $13,600 in mind. Even with the precipitous drops forecast for many other countries, the economic shakeup is predicted to put the UK behind China, behind Costa Rica, behind Lebanon for Christ’s sake, which for the last year has been under threat of being destabilized by riots over its dire economic situation.

That’s a problem.

For those of us not taking the vaccine, this is what we should be worrying about and planning for right now – a massive drop in living standards as the economy free-falls over the next four years, along with whatever ’emergency measures’ the government will decide to put in place accordingly.

One further thing worth noting from these figures: the massive drops in military budgets. For the USA, UK and Israel they are respectively: from $367b to $32b; from $56b to $1.4b; and from $20b to $1.7b. Iran’s military budget, meanwhile, is predicted to go up from $11 billion in 2017 to $19 billion in 2025 (her GDP per capita is also expected to double)

Deagle is a military forecasting site. Make of that what you will.